Monday, 11 December 2017

a back-on-the-horse monday

I'm not literary on a horse today - that will have to wait until Wednesday - but I have this feeling of retribution today. Last week was very meh. Veeerrry meh. I felt low, sensitive and useless most of the time. I did all of the important things I had on my to-do list, but stayed far away from physical and "extra curricular" activities and instead spent a lot of time in the couch eating candy. I'm not saying this is bad, no, for some reason that what was I needed last week, and I'm pretty good at allowing myself things I need, but now I just want to get back on track and find my energy again.

I'm doing that by means of coffee and another weekly to-do list!

Nothing big today, just sorting out some bank stuff, buying some Christmas gifts, going through a video lecture, doing some drawing... I'm joining some friends for this years final Piloxing session tonight, other than that I have nothing in my calendar.

It's cardio day! Running in the morning - I still can't do yoga because my bad knee (only hurts when I touch it, not when I run) - and swimming in the evening. I also have a lunch meeting with the club refurbishment project and  need to start working on the final assignment in one of my courses: re-branding of Calvin Klein! Strange assignment...

I begin the day as usual with a riding lesson. The rest of this day is dedicated to writing an application to a course and assembling illustrations that will accompany the application. 

Coffee morning with Outpost - to do some socializing before the holidays, and then another project meeting, plus a financial planning meeting with Outpost in the late afternoon. Will probably not get much of my own work done that day. But on...

... I'll get back in to my own little bubble and can continue working on the branding assignment. Plus do some online lectures.

No plans. Maybe bake gingerbread?

No plans! But probably start packing and preparing for our trip back home to Sweden. 

One thing that I actually did last week was to finally start a separate Instagram account for illustrations and graphic design-stuff. So I don't flood my private account with that. It is a part of my plan to slowly but surely try to professionalize all of the creative work I do, and if you are interested in checking out what I'm up to, follow me! Search for Naikas_Sketchbook and you'll find most of my little monsters, portraits and general doodles. 

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