Monday, 4 December 2017

a monday in december

Good morning! I've been out of sync with blogging lately. Every time I've sat down in front of the computer I've had other more pressing things to do, and the updates I do on Instagram (my name there is holly_hawkeyes just fyi) feel like they cover most of what goes on in my life anyway. And as I  think most of you who read this follows me on Insta too, I don't want to repeat too much. But. Now I've had two large cups of coffee and am riding the lovely vibrating energy that comes with it, so why not use that for a blog post!

The best way to start a new week is to get an overview of what's to come, so here's my schedule for the next 7 days (just writing this list makes me feel so productive!):

Due to a little ...accident over the weekend I wont be doing any physical activities today, but let my blue knee rest another day. But that's all well and good as I have plenty to do anyway. I have a course assignment due tomorrow - further developing a brand profile that I began with a few weeks ago, this time with a color scheme, typography and patterns. Fun! I'm also working on a logotype for my friend Tuulikki, and I have to find a suitable script-font for her. Other than that I'm going to try to finish this years photo-book so I can send it off to be printed ASAP. I'm also planning to buy some Christmas gifts (online) and a new pair of glasses for me (also online, always a gamble).

I'll spend this day mostly on course work and handing in the above mentioned assignment. I also want to try out my new watercolor pencils that I bought last week, hopefully I have an hour or two to just sit and sketch with them. I'll try swimming tomorrow evening, I'm pretty sure me knee will like that.

The big meeting day! And the big "I'm an expat housewife"-day, too... The morning starts with the final monthly meeting of the year with my team from Outpost, the expat organization I'm part of. After that I have another meeting, with the Arts & Craft section of the local social club, I'm pitching an idea that involves me hosting a couple of workshops together with them next year. We'll see what they think. I hope to spend the afternoon working on an application letter for a course I want to take next year.

Another meeting in the morning, this time with the architects that will hopefully do the work in the remodeling project I've mentioned before. After that I have a year-end-lunch with Outpost and then I'm done with all of the activities involving other people for the week. So nice... I know it's important and good for me to meet people, practice being a grown up and work in the real world for a bit, but how I just love hanging out in my own office just working on my own stuff... Anyway. Hopefully my knee is back to its normal shape and color by today so I can go work out with my friends Rachel and Morgane.

I set aside Fridays for architecture related work, and I have a few things on my list - like finding a Revit course for next year and updating the drawings for my brothers summer house, so I guess I'll be doing that, if nothing else comes up. In the evening I'll either go to the gym with Andreas, or we'll go to the boot camp workout at the crossfit box.

No plans. Maybe go to the movies with Andreas and eat dinner out.

My new friend Valerie is hosing a watercolor workshop at the Arts & Craft section I mentioned above, and I'm taking part in it! I'm really looking forward to this, as watercolor is my weakest media and I'd love some useful tips and inspiration.

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