Saturday, 9 December 2017

a weekend in the jungle

Last weekend Andreas and I explored "the other part" of Brunei, the part that is divided from the main part by a small strip of Malaysia. This part consists mostly of rain forest and especially of the Temburong national park. To get there we first had to go to the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, where we were picked up, taken to a jetty where a speed boat "bus" took us to the small town Bangar. There the next mode of transportation waited for us - a van - that drove of for about half an hour to the Temburong river. Here we got in to a traditional long-boat (but with a motor) and driven for half an hour to the Ulu Ulu resort where we were staying.

We had a pretty good weekend, I must say. The rain forest is a weird, beautiful and terrifying place. The whole experience where colored by the fact that we - on our very first nature walk - ran in to a 6 meter python, while walking in a river. If we had had a more experienced guide this encounter might not have turned into so much of an ordeal, but as we pretty much stumbled in to mr Snake (it as two meters away from us, slithering over a rock in the small waterfall we were walking up) our guide stopped, yelled "snake" and "go" and I panicked. Pretty much. So I turned, slid down the little waterfall on my but, dragging Andreas with me and hit my knee when landing. And then I was pretty shaky and just wanted to get out of there. So, well, that put a bit of a damper on the trip. 

The rest of the weekend was way calmer, and we had some real fun, going tubing along the river, kayaing and hiking up a smaller river to a little waterfall where fish nibbled on our feet. We saw hornbills, butterflies and fruitbats and mostly just enjoyed ourselves being in the jungle. I still feel a bit stressed when walking in the jungle, but at least now I have my first snake encounter...

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