Wednesday, 6 December 2017

looking for new glasses

I need new glasses. Not so much because I don't like the ones I have, but because they are losing the protective coating, leaving them scratched and cloudy. It's caused by a fault in the production, so it's not me being reckless, btw! Very annoying. I need a new pair, ASAP, and just to make things simple I'm buying a pair from (not sponsored) where I've bough glasses before. It really is a gamble when it comes to fit - and in some ways also function - but as the glasses comes pretty cheap I'm willing to gamble every now and again. I will probably try to find an optician here in Brunei soon, but until then this will have to suffice. 

Here are the ones I've been looking at this time.

  1. Maccles, retro style, similar to a pair I already have, but with an old prescription
  2. Barnsley, I've never had a pair as round and speckled as these, might be fun
  3. Artesia, classic black ones, feels like a safe bet, but might feel too dark for summer climate
  4. Barnsley, same as 2 but black. Safer, but again, maybe too dark
  5. Scarbor, rounded and two-colored, I've never had anything like this
  6. Kerman, more square, similar to ones I've had before
  7. Sweetn, big, black and square. I'm used to this. But dark...

I've seen a lot of pretty ladies wearing very big, round frames, but I'm guessing it's not really the glasses but the faces they are placed on that results in the prettiness... I'm currently very bored with the lack of contrast in my face, which becomes even more apparent as I so rarely put makeup on, this might be why I'm drawn to bigger, darker frames again. Even though I know it might not feel right for the climate and how I dress for it here... While I'm waiting to decide which pair to actually buy, let's have a look at my previous eye-wear-styles. Nostalgic...

these are actually not mine, but Alison's, but I wonder if I could ever pull off a cat-eyed style...

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