Friday, 8 December 2017

my christmas wishlist

People! Its only 16 days left until Christmas! High time for me to publish this years wishlist, to make sure that I'll get any gifts this year... And maybe to inspire someone else?

Here goes:

  1. bed-set from h&m home
  2. another bed-set from h&m home
  3. Wonder Woman on DVD
  4. any of Simon Stålenhags art books
  5. nail polish, pinks and neutrals, please
  6. new wristband for my watch
  7. headphones, these are pretty
  8. light pad for tracing sketches
  9. season 1 of Westworld on dvd
  10. wall planter from Lagerhaus
  11. big, sparkly and pink earrings
  12. wide, green trousers from h&m
  13. overnight-bag from Ted Baker
  14. wall hung candle holder

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