Tuesday, 12 December 2017

tuesday tunes - five songs I listen to on repeat right now

This is how I listen to music: I hear a song I like somewhere, search for it on Spotify, or use Soundhound to figure out what song it is, then I add it to my "favorites" playlist on Spotify. I don't really create different playlists with different themes - only a few, but I rarely listen to the - I just keep adding to this one, long, ongoing playlist, and then every time I listen to music I just start from the top, with the latest added song. This means I listen to the same music A LOT, especially if I haven't added anything new for a while. It also means that I listen to a lot of very varied stuff, from vastly different artists, never in any real or logical order. Here are five songs that I've added lately, which means they are what I listen to most right now:

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  1. Jag gillar ocksÄ thunder med imagine dragons. :-)