Thursday, 21 December 2017

what I look forward to doing in Sweden over the holidays

  • dressing in layers! Wearing scarves coats and gloves!
  • buying art supplies
  • celebrating Christmas eve, giving/receiving gifts
  • eat Swedish pizza... I always order Capricciosa and eat tons of Swedish pizza salad. Nom!
  • planning our trip to Vietnam with my dad
  • eating my moms food and Christmas candy...
  • waking up on the 24th to the same Christmas music I woken up for the last 33 years or so
  • maybe having time to catch up with a friend or two over a cup of coffee
  • go browsing in all the normal shops, looking for bargains and Christmas gifts
  • meet my friends Richard and Steve and go dancing at Snowball in Stockholm
  • having lunch with one of our favorite couples and meeting their new baby
  • hanging out with my brother and Salomon
  • celebrating new years eve with Andreas with a fancy dinner at Sheraton hotel in Stockholm

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