Saturday, 27 January 2018

black and white accessories

Hey hey hey there! I believe I haven’t really shown you my new glasses! These are actually a pair of the ones I showed you guys back in December - my dear friend Sylvia was right about which ones I bought! 

I bought them and they were delivered to my mom's house so I could pick them up over Christmas. I needed a back-up pair, and also wanted something that would provide a bit more contrast to my face. I left my other pair in Sweden - or actually they are now in Norway, to be fitted with new glasses via my old optician. Hopefully they'll be ready by the time my mom comes here to visit us in February, so I can have two to alternate with...

While on the subject of accessories I also wanted to show you my new necklace that I got from Andreas for Christmas! They are from Albrekts Guld in Sweden and came with a matching pair of small, round earbuds. I'm a huge fan of black diamonds and I love the drop shape. In these photos I wore it with a crane patterned shirt in pajama style from ASOS  - another Christmas gift from the Amazing A!

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