Friday, 26 January 2018

DIY earring display

I made another thing! 

This fancy-shmancy, trendy looking creation was something I came up with when I was organizing my jelwelry the other day and realized that I own a bunch of nice earrings that I don't use enough because I don't really remember that I have them. Hence - something needed to be done. 

After googling - no, Pinteresting - I had a few ideas but nothing that I really liked. I started going through my big box of craft material to get some inspiration. And guess what I found? Inspiration! Plus a small wooden box and a thin piece of cork. 

If I hadn't decided to make two of these, and if the glue gun wouldn't need like 4 minutes to get warm, this DIY would have taken me about 1,5 minutes to make. 

Measure a piece of cork to be the same with of the box. Cut. Glue. Done.

Btw: I find most of my earrings at the regular chains like H&M, Lindex, Monki and ASOS. I can also recommend Kate Spade for fun and cute ones and COS make clean, minimalist and geometrical ones that I like a lot. 

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