Wednesday, 17 January 2018

DIY promarker storage

I made a thing!

Coming back from our Christmas holiday I brought t a bunch of new artists material, including 25 new Pro-marker pens. I quickly realized that keeping my growing collection in the same little box I'd used before wasn't going to work, and I started thinking of better ways of storing them, that would also make them more accessible and easier to find the right colors. After some googling, thinking and searching the house for suitable materials I came up with an idea. The solution was easy-peasy and made a nice little addition to my home studio. This is what you will need to do what I did:
  • a cardboard tube, with a pretty big diameter, like 10 cm or so. I used one I've recieved prints from Society 6 in, worked perfect!
  • a saw
  • wrapping paper
  • glue and tape
  • scissors 
  • fold-back clips
Saw the tube in 5 equally long parts. Cut pieces of wrapping paper long enough to cover the tubes. Use glue and tape to attach the wrapping paper to the tubes and then glue the pieces together, waiting in between adding each new piece for the glue to dry.

Obviously you can vary this with other sizes of tubes, adding on more compartments and so on. I though this was perfect in size as it fits all my pens and there's plenty of room to add more... it's pretty sturdy, I guess depending on what glue you use. 

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