Sunday, 7 January 2018

hello 2018! this is what I want to do with you

Another new year is here. Can you believe the 2nd millennium is actually an adult now? It's a big deal, really. Also, I really, really like the feeling of a new year...

As a big friend and supporter of lists I have obviously spent a large part of my holiday back home in Sweden compiling a bunch of them, trying to figure out what I want to achieve with the new year. I spent some time reflecting over what I liked about 2017 and what I want to change during 2018, which was a really good exercise. Besides several smaller and more specific goals within different areas in my life I understood that there are two major things I want to change this year:

I need to prioritize differently and
focus on what is important rather than on what is urgent


I want to take better advantage of the fact that I live in the tropics

What these two goals mean more specifically I will get back to in future posts, but I seriously - having formulated them for myself have helped a lot when I'm trying to make plans and decide what I want to do this year.

And then I have the more specific goals for the year. Some of them are continuations of ones I had for 2017 and others are new:
  • I want to get back in to good morning routines and wake up earlier. My workday needs to start at 8 on weekdays.
  • Continue with my good workout routines from 2017, generally, and more specific, begin with crossfit. I also have concrete goals for what I want to achieve in my various activities, like jumping over a 50cm fence on horseback and manage a proper pull up, but most of these I just keep to myself in my bullet journal
  • Update my LinkedIn profile and start working on CV's and portfolios, both aiming at architecture work and graphic design/illustration. 
  • Save more money. I have now set up specific numbers that I want to have reached by the end of the year, on my savings account and in funds.
  • Figure out and become more comfortable in my own style again, plus get dressed as if I were to meet people every weekday
  • Settle on a graphic profile for my own projects. This includes updating the design of this blog - and potentially move it to another platform, but also trying to achieve a more cohesive look of my Instagram accounts and other work I do.
  • Pamper my body more. Go get massage at least once a month and spoil myself by actually using all of the face masks, scrubs and cremes I already have. 
  • Go on date nights with Andreas once a month. Either outside the house or just at home. 
Do you have any goals for this year?

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