Friday, 12 January 2018

making the most out of life in the tropics

As I said a few days ago, one of my two big goals for 2018 is to take better advantage of the fact that I live in a tropical country. But what does that even mean? As I know that most of you who are reading this live in the northern parts of Europe I think you all have very much the same thoughts about living in the tropics as I had, before I moved here. I was thinking it would be such a relief not having to wear (or at least bring) a coat every time I left the house, that not having to wear tights would be awesome and that I would go swim in the ocean aaaall the time and be sooo tan and pretty. Well, half of those things turned out to be accurate. It's pretty awesome not having to wear a coat, ever, and I don't miss tights, but I also don't go out much. I drink coffee on the porch most days and I go for short walks in the neighborhood in the evenings but - don't kill me now Scandinavians - I have swam in the ocean here only once... and that's the 30 degrees Celsius ocean, 5 minutes walk from my home I'm talking about here... It's a shame. And also results in the fact that people are surprised of how not tanned I am when I go back to Sweden. Which isn't really a problem, but just slightly annoying.

I also haven't really seen that much of Brunei as a country, nor have I discovered much of Borneo, except for Kota Kinabalu, Miri and Lambir national park in the Malaysian part. Last year me and Andreas traveled a lot, but mostly to destinations a little further away, that we wanted to make sure we got to see while living in this South East Asia.

So. What am I planning to do about this embarrassing situation? Well, here are my plans so far!

The small, everyday things: 
  • work to make the garden more inviting and spend more time in it
  • eat out at restaurants more often. It's almost cheaper than eating at home...
  • going on longer walks, also during the days when it's hot, like to the beach
  • clean up our barbecue and start using it, finally
  • go swim in the ocean with Andreas on the weekends. At least five times this year!

Discovering Brunei and Borneo:
  • go on day trips within Brunei, to the beach in Tutong, for example
  • stay for a weekend at Empire Hotel in the capital
  • hike to the Mulu caves in Sarawak, Malaysia
  • visit the city Kuchin and Baku National park, Malaysia
  • explore the rain-forest in Sabah, Malaysia

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