Monday, 22 January 2018

Monday, week 4

Good evening, internet! I just wanted to sit down here and share my Monday with you guys before I go out for my evening walk. I usually write my Monday posts in the morning, but today it was forgotten among a bunch of other tasks I had to get done. But still, I quite enjoy these little start ups of each week so I'll squeeze in a little post here now instead!

This week will be a highly normal week, as weeks here go. I haven't got any huge plans, deadlines or parties this week, and I am definitely happy about that. As I wrote about last week in my "priority" post, I have spent this Monday managing all of the shorter and urgent tasks that will make it easier for me to focus on the bigger picture the rest of the week. So I've bought course literature, paid for my new course that starts in the end of February, done some other internet bank errands, contacted people for the newsletter I'll be working on later this week, plus prepared for a meeting on Thursday. I got a late start this morning but still managed to check off all of my little boxes on today's to do list! Win!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I plan to start the day with yoga - something I plan on doing a lot but very rarely do... Then I'll be dividing my day between working on some illustrations for my graphic design course and planning a new layout for the newsletter that I'm doing. New year new fresh look! I might join Andreas for lunch tomorrow as he has a meeting with a person we might start taking Malay lessons for... In the evening we are going to our fourth session of the CrossFit foundations.

As usual on Wednesdays I begin the day with a riding lesson. Last week my lesson went really bad and sucked - so I don't particularly look forward to this. The rest of the day I'll work on a new conceptual sketch for  a house here - just a made up project of my own to practice my skills, but a good way to get back in to architecting... Another CrossFit foundation session in the evening.

Thursday is a little bit more eventful with a project meeting with the re-modelling project. And then I'll be going through some tutorials for the architectural software I work in. In the evening we'll go to the final session of the foundations, after this we can join actual CrossFit workouts! Let's see what happens with that...

Friday will be spent working on the newsletter, including finalizing the new layouts and producing a bunch of new illustration and graphics. We might go to the gym in the evening, but we might also invite some friends over for beer on the balcony...

Saturday and Sunday is completely unplanned so far! But I have this vague idea of cleaning the outside of the first floor windows... And then I have to do the final work on the newsletter before sending it to proof reading on Monday morning.

Well. That's that! Nothing spectacular. Just how I like it.

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