Monday, 29 January 2018

Monday, week 5

Good afternoon fellow internet users!

Over here in Brunei the time is 16:24 and just at this moment I'm done with the "have to do" part of this Monday, and will soon go over to the "want to do" part. This means I've already checked off going to the dentist, attending a meeting and finishing editing newsletter from my to do list, and now I only have two things left today - going to my first ever CrossFit class plus going to a stand up comedy night. Not too shabby for a Monday!

typical hospital floor matched with surprisingly white shoes

dentists office corridor. They look the same all over the world, right?

Otherwise my priority for this week is completing the first assignment in my graphic design course. I will spend tomorrow on that, and as much as I need to of Wednesday. Hopefully I'll still have time to work on some of my own architecture projects on Wednesday and Thursday because on Thursday evening me and Andreas are going away for a long weekend to Bali. I know it sounds completely ridiculous going to Bali for a weekend, but considering where we live it is comparable to going for a weekend to Copenhagen if you live in Stavanger or Gothenburg, like we did before. Anyway, it's going to be amazing, I hope. I love Bali.

Better with no shoes!
So, not much else is new this week! I had a ridiculously calm weekend, three evenings in a row in the couch with Andreas and the cats, watching movies and drinking wine. Not getting that much done during the days. Lovely. Anyway, I hope ya'll's week has started of nicely!

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