Monday, 8 January 2018

week 2: starting up

Hello guys, how's your Monday? I woke up early today, in spite of my 4 hours and 45 minutes of sleep. I just have to get over this jet lag soon... anyway, I wanted to get back to normal routines this week and that means waking up at 6:30 or so. But man, I was tired...

I began my day on the balcony with a giant cup of coffee, planning out this week and writing in my bullet journal. Then I made the final polish on an illustration I had to deliver for my illustration course today. The rest of the day I have spent pretty much focusing on the same project - the visual identity of my own brand. More on that another day, I have much to say about this topic.

The rest of my week will look like this:

Tuesday and Wednesday
On Friday I have two deadlines, my two courses from last semester finises and the final assignments are due. Tuesday and Wednesday will be dedicated to re-branding Calvin Klein for my Visual Identities from a Sustainable Perspective - course. On Wednesday morning, if it hasn't been raining to hard - soaking the arena - I hope to go on my first riding lesson for the year. Since I'm still not feeling completely over my cold I'll take it easy for the rest of the week, maybe going to I'll go to salsa class on Wednesday evening If I'm not too tired .

In the morning I'm going to a meeting for the project I'm consulting on. The rest of the day I'll spend on my other deadline, finishing up a few illustrations for the illustration course. If I feel up for it, I'll go swimming with Andreas in the evening.

On Friday I'll just finish up if I have any more work to do on my deadlines, otherwise I'll work on my own project. I also hope to get back to drawing just fir fun again soon.

Saturday and Sunday
One of our friends are leaving Brunei for Norway (!) and we are going over the border to Malaysia to join his farewell party in Miri. We'll stay the night at a hotel and make a weekend out of it!

Is something fun happening for you this week?


  1. jag önskar dig ett helt magiskt 2018! detta blir ett grymt år! jag är helt säker på det.

    1. Men tack det samma! Jag tror 2018 kommer bli innehållsrikt, roligt, konstigt och mer struskturerat än 2017, förhoppningsvis...