Wednesday, 14 February 2018

a quick OOTD

In the middle of workshops, deadlines and meetings I snapped a few photos of a cute outfit the other day. Just to mix things up here a little bit on the old bloggerino - and show my face for once!

light beige linen top - Uniqlo
skirt - Zara
earrings - COS
I used to wear skirts and tops more often before, when I lived in Noway, so this feels more like "me" than when I wear trousers, but - darn it - I should have bought a larger size! This one is just a bit too tight in the waist for it to be completely comfy. And comfy is key. But I opted for the smaller size since it was already a bit on the long side for my height. I should wear skirts more often. Skirts are great.

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