Tuesday, 6 February 2018

according to plan or not

January is the month of planning, right? You spend a lot of time figuring out what you want your year to look like and what you want to achieve. Well, now it's February so it's time to put all of those nice plans to the test! It's easy to make plans and it's easy to set goals, but then real life comes along and laughs at your plans.

for some reason, the rainy weather today makes me stress too, although I have no reason for that what so ever!
Maybe the weather is just a symbol for how unpredictable things can be...
Anyway, the reason I'm writing this is not a dramatic in any way, I'm just looking back at the weekly schedule I did for myself only yesterday and now I have a quite different feeling about the week than I had when making it. All of a sudden new things have turned up in the shape of more meetings and a possible new (and completely positive) graphic design opportunity, and I feel veeery tempted to change my plans for the week and dive straight into the tasks that feel most urgent. I feel torn in several directions and a bit stressed about how to manage all of these different tasks that have come along. You know what is helpful then? I'll tell you! Looking back on my list of priorities for this year and evaluating which ones of these new - and old - tasks I should work on, and if the new things that have come up are actually things that support my main goals for the year. Turns out that even though my gut feeling was to turn this new opportunity down because I don't feel like I have time it actually might work very well in my overall scheme, so I've decided to explore it further...

In the end I wont have to change my plans for this week all that much, I'll just make sure to keep the new items in the back of my mind for next weeks plan. Taking one week at the time and planning quite thoroughly in my bullet journal really helps with the priorities, as I can see in black and white that all things are taken into consideration and scheduled, maybe not just for today.

The extra stress I'm feeling today might also have been caused by the fact that the meeting I went to today went on for more than an hour longer than I expected... Right now I mostly feel tempted to go and hang out in the couch in front of Netflix for a while, but that would only be hiding from all of the things I feel I should be tackling today. Instead I'm going to follow my original plan from yesterday and spend the afternoon reading course literature and doing some drawing. Just like I planned. 

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