Thursday, 1 February 2018

can't sit still today

Hello there!

Just wanted to pop in real quick and say hi before we leave on our mini vacation. I'm having one of those days when everything feels a little bit out of sync - most likely because we are traveling in only a few hours - and I can't really sit down and focus today.

I had a chill start of the day, enjoying a smoothie breakfast on the balcony with Cricket, but after that I haven't gotten anything done except packing. And even packing seems difficult even though we are only away for a few days. We travel a lot but I'm still the kind of person who is most comfortable at home and I really don't like leaving the cats behind. They have a perfectly good sitter so all will be good, but still... Oh well. What a spoiled brat I am coming here and whining about what is a complete luxury, by the way. I'm finished complaining now. 

But I also really want some candy and I don't have any at home :(

Do you guys also get antsy before traveling?

On another note: I've been trying to get some work done on an upcoming course assignment - making a new layout for a course brochure - and today I was just struck by the feeling that it's really great that I don't have to hand it in for a while. I've started in good time and have come pretty far and could probably just finish this in a day or so. But then when I looked at my progress so far what I saw was something so bland and mainstream I got real annoyed with myself. I mean, it's perfectly alright, well organized and nice but I have to push myself more. The whole plan of me taking these courses was to challenge my creativity and then I can't keep settling for "nice", right? So that's going to be my project for next week, lifting this concept from nice to outstanding. Heeeheeee, we'll see how that goes. At least I feel like I've learned something since this post (is it weird that I instinctively went back in my November and December archive to look for this post, but it was only written like two week ago, what the hell?).

OK, so this post turned in to something completely different from what I had in mind. But that's alright. Now I'm off to finish my packing and kiss the cats a billion times. 

Hope ya'll have a lovely day!

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