Monday, 5 February 2018

monday, week 6

Hi there, Monday monsters.

Today I woke up at 3:40 in a hotel room in Bali, and now, at 15:10 I'm back here in my home office. I've been back for a few hours, the flight from Bali is only 2 hours long. I had a wonderful weekend that consisted mostly of us reading books by the pool, eating fabulous food and drinking cocktails. I don't really have that much to say about it - again, I'm not a fan of other peoples travel posts so I try to avoid making long tedious ones myself - but I might share a few snippets some time this week. I only brought my iPhone and no camera though, so the image quality will not be top notch.

Fun fact: they insisted on playing covers of the same boy band songs over and over again by the pool at our hotel, so now I felt inspired to listen to a 90's pop playlist on Spotify! I didn't listen to a lot of boyband music way back when, but it's quite enjoyable and nostalgic, to be honest!

Anyway. Today is Monday and you'd expect at least half of it could be used for something useful. I've already had the enjoyable experience of cleaning out the cat litter-boxes - one of my fur babies have had a bit of diarrhea while we were gone, so that was a quick trip back from glamour to real life. A few minutes after that mess was cleaned up (Cricket is very well behaved when I have to put her on her back in my lap to clean her up and cut the poopy fur off, little angel baby) I noticed that one of them - probably Hugo - had thrown up on the living room carpet while we were away. I noticed this by stepping in it, I might add. Luckily it was dried... Life with two long haired beasts! All nastiness managed I've now had time to sit down and plan the week. So this is what it'll look like:

What's left of  Monday will be spent unpacking, preparing for the week and organize what work needs to be done. Me and Andreas will go to a CrossFit class and then make a quick dinner. If I'm up for it after that I'll try to sit down and draw for a bit, it's been too long.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I have an exiting meeting where the architects we've chosen to do the design for the re-modelling project I'm consulting on hopefully will present their conceptual ideas for the building. I had planned to go to yoga before that meeting but now I realize I wont have time... The rest of the day I'm going to work on a few illustrations and do some reading for my graphic design course. In the evening me and Andreas have our first Malay lesson! And then I'll go for a swim.

It's been raining like crazy for a while now so I don't really expect my riding lesson on Wednesday morning to happen - it's been 3 weeks since I was last in the saddle, the arena is always to wet which is a risk for the horses. So maybe I'll just have a super productive day in the home office instead! I'm searching for a good online course in the architectural software I'm using, I'll spend some more time on Wednesday researching that. And then doing some work on my two ongoing conceptual projects. In the evening I'll first go to Piloxing with my friends Rachel and Morgane, and then I'm off to Salsa Rueda class! I usually feel like skipping this class as it's quite late in the evening, but I'm always happy when I go...

Thursday means another meeting in the re-modelling project and then I have to do some serious work on the assignment in my graphic design course. Another CrossFit class in the evening.

Interlude: "I swear" by All-4-One just started playing on Spotify! And I'm suddenly back in my hometown library, on a Friday night at like ten in the evening attending a school disco! I'm ten years old and have asked the boy I currently have a crush on to slow dance with me. Damn I was a brave child. I'm probably wearing my brand new black stretch-jeans and a black and white striped top, showing off some of my slightly chubby midriff. I'm also most likely wearing black sneakers with rainbow-colored laces. It's dark except for the colored lights flashing along with the music and the rooms is warm and crowded. Oh sigh. Good times. 

Maybe I can sneak in a replacement yoga-class on Friday mornings since I'll miss the one tomorrow? Otherwise I'll most likely sleep in until eight or so. Course assignment and preparation for an exciting new thing (I'll tell you about it next week) will take up most of the day. No plans for the evening except for going to the gym and then have a beer on the balcony. Maybe we should invite some friends over for that beer?

The weekend is so far completely open. I might need to study - like do my Malay homework if I get any? and write a blog post or two. I like weekends at home with the cats...

I hope you guys have a nice week ahead of you! Anything special happening?

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