Monday, 12 February 2018

monday, week 7 - that escalated quickly

Good afternoon, dear friends! Or - as I just learned last week in Malay class - selamat petang!

I'm having a pretty exciting day, professionally speaking. Remember how I mentioned last week that I had some new opportunities coming up, that I felt I should accept even though I don't really have time for them? Well, today I had initial meetings for both of these projects and now I just have to jump pretty much right in to them... I'm in a pretty good mood, but at the same time I feel quite stressed. Both time-wise, but there is also a certain level of performance anxiety involved, as both projects are graphic design jobs... But I have explained to both of my clients that I'm still a student within this field, so I hope they have realistic expectations. It should be fine.

Anyway. These two new projects just adds to the pile of things I have going on now. Tomorrow is a pretty big day as I'm hosting my first ever workshop in drawing for beginners! This is an idea I have come up with myself, something that I wanted to try in the effort of making illustration and drawing into something a bit more professional. I'll hopefully have time to tell you more about it later in a few days. Other things on my schedule this week are two course-deadlines, a planning-meeting for the next newsletter and most likely a meeting with the re-modelling project. Oh, and I need to do my Malay homework too... And that's just in a four day workweek as I'm traveling to Singapore on Friday morning to meet up with my mother.

Again, all of these things are fun (more or less), interesting and really good for my future CV, but I still can't help being a bit frustrated everything happens at once... why is it always the case? I just need to, once again this week, sit down with my bullet journal and plan what tasks to do each day. It should all work out. But be warned there might be a lot of focus on work/study for a while now here on the blog, and not a lot of other fun things. Maybe not the most interesting for you to read about. Sorry, not sorry!

Have a great week everyone!

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