Thursday, 15 February 2018

Netflix favorites right now

I'm not going to recommend Alias Grace, the Crown or the End of the f*ing world since everyone has already seen these but instead bring the spotlight to two other, less hyped series. And yes, they are less hyped partly because they are not exactly as good, but still... I really enjoyed them


This series cam best be described as Stranger things in German. I'd guess the target group is pretty much the same as this series is also all about mystery, family drama, supernatural things, 80's nostalgia. But with a moodier undertone. And in German. I actually found it quite instructive and a great refresher for the German in learnt while living in Dresden ten years ago. 


I was a big Batman fan until Ben Afflek got the part, so this series, where we get to know some (most) of the characters in Gotham before Batman becomes Batman and is still only a barely teenaged billionaire. We get to know Jim Gordon before he's commissioner, we get to meet the Penguin when he's only Oswald Cobblepot and the Riddler before he becomes (too) creepy. It's exactly like a good comic should be: dark, exaggerated and violent. And sometimes ridiculous, like when a horrible assassin shows up and it turns out his name is Eduardo Flamingo... Oh lol! 

Dirk Gently's holistic detective agency

This series is as weird and confusing as they come - which isn't surprising as this series is based on a novel by Douglas Adams. But it's also, sweet, funny and sometimes surprisingly violent. Anything can happen when holistic detective Dirk suddenly shows up. And Frodo is there, as a neurotic ex musician.

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