Wednesday, 21 February 2018

That time I hosted a workshop

Good morning!

Last week I hinted that I’d hosted my first ever workshop in drawing, and I know you’re all super curious on how that went so... here goes:

First a little background. I decided I wanted to give this a try already back in November. I’d been coming to the conclusion that I wanted to “do something” with my newfound love of drawing and maybe turn it into part of a future profession. I also felt it was time to step outside my cl fort zone a bit and not just sit at home and draw. I’ve never taught drawing before, but I have quite a lot of theory based on years of drawing plus various courses. I’ve studies art history, done a summer course in Poland when all we did was draw for a week, drawn live models and so on. So I feel pretty comfortable with this. I would never try to teach anyone who’s not a beginner, but still. 

So I suggested to my team in the expat organization (the one where I’m newsletter editor) that this might be something I could offer, if the though it would be something the community would be interested in. They did! So I promoted it in the latest newsletter and was glad to learn the workshop filled up quickly! Due to a miss understanding I ended up with 10 participants instead of the 8 I had set as limit, but that turned out to be a good number anyway. 

I prepared quite carefully with a small leaflet where I had assembled some information, tips and the exercises we would be go through. The theme of the workshop was “still life” as I believe drawing basic objects is a nice way to begin, and a good way of learning about composition and shading without going in to too much detail. I bought everyone a HB and a B4 pencil plus an eraser. Basic tool that goes a long way. On the day of the workshop I set up the room with two small groups of objects of various shapes. 

In a way I thinks it’s hard to say if the workshop was a success or not. People seemed happy and expressed gratitude afterwards, but it’s hard knowing what they really thought. I think most of them enjoyed it and several have given me feedback that they’d come again if I hosted another workshop. The hardest part was to adapt a workshop like this when you have no idea what level people are at. I had promoted it as “drawing and sketching for beginners” but some of them had done some painting before. In a way, the most important thing - for me personally - is that I just did it. I wasn’t nervous, I’ve been hosting workshop at work before so I’m fine in that situation, but I’m still glad I had enough confidence to teach something that isn’t my “real” job. Yet. Maybe that’s overconfident of me, but I think we - as in us women - often could benefit from being more overconfident every now and then.

I still haven’t decided if I’m going to host another one, as I’m too busy to focus on that now. If I do, it will be in April or may when my course work and traveling has eased up a bit. 

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