Tuesday, 27 February 2018

week 9, almost back to normal for a while

Hey there,
This week my weekly planning post is written on a Tuesday since I was too busy yesterday. I'm back home doing my normal stuff after a ten day long visit from my mother. Except for three days last week when we spent time here so she could see our home we have been traveling, visiting Singapore and Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia.

It's always nice to have a visitor and I'm glad to be exploring the neighboring countries but I'm still glad to get back to normal routines as I am pretty busy and well... we will be traveling again next week, this time to meet up with my in-laws. This spring will be quite busy with trips, but that's how it is when you live abroad and family want to come visit! A huge luxury problem that I wont dwell on any more.

Anyway, I don't have any meetings this week - as far as I know - so I'll have time to get some work done. Which is good, since my second course just began last week and I have plenty of things I need to get up to speed on.

This is what's going on for me this week:

Today I'm doing course work. I have two assignments - one quick, one a bit more complicated - in my new course in illustration to finish before Sunday. I need to plan, research and sketch them both today, and then I'll finish the detailing on Sunday. I also have to do my Malay homework and go grocery shopping! I should also spend at least an hour or so working on a few illustrations I'm making for one of my freelance projects, a visual profile for a dance club. Tonight, after Malay class, I'll go to the pool and do some laps.

I did most of the work on this months issue of the newsletter I'm responsible for yesterday, and got it sent out for proof reading, but I've set aside some time tomorrow to do the final changes and add some last minute material I know will show up. I'll also continue working on the visual profile for the dance club and spend at least an hour on Revit tutorials. If it hasn't been raining I'll have a riding lesson in the morning and in the afternoon I'll meet up with some friends and go to a Piloxing class. In the evening I have a video conference with one of my teachers in my new course!

I'll split the day between doing Revit tutorials and working on my other freelance project - a logo for a business dashboard. In the evening me and Andreas plan on going to CrossFit class and then I'll probably be dead for the rest of the evening.

Deadline to hand in the logo. Continue working on the illustration assignments and the assignment for my graphic design course, this time illustrating statistics. I hope to get some time over to just draw for my own pleasure as well. Plan on going to the gym in the evening and then have a beer on the balcony while Andreas makes us burgers...

Sleep late. Work on my graphic design assignment. Go to the pool. Clean out my make-up cabinet.

Work on the illustration assignments. Maybe write a blog post or two. Start packing for our trip.

I'm doing ok with following the plans I made up earlier this year when it comes to structuring my weeks according to priority. When time becomes tight though, the structure slips a bit and I guess it has to.

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