Saturday, 3 March 2018

a bunch of girly new stuff

I already showed you my new earrings from COS, and what my mom and I did when she was visiting, but here's another post combining these tow themes. What I've been shopping on our trips! I came home and realized I've become a lot more girly in my style the past year. I mean, I've worn skirts and dresses for a long time, but the bling, romantic florals and pink is new. And, well, I'm not entirely sure what i was thinking when I bought the see through, soft plastic sandals with fake rhinestones... The are very comfy, though! And fun. Yes they are fun. 

Jelly Bunny sandals
Earrings from COS
Kate Spade iPhone case
Singapore Sling flavored tea from Raffels
Warehouse long sleeved shirt with tropical pattern
Clarks ballerina flats

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