Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Self care

There’s something about being away from home a lot over a period of time that makes me really long for routines and normality. And after this past month or so, when I’ve been either traveling or at home but with tons of work to do, I'm so glad to get back to my everyday life. Which I love. Where I’m the one in control, I can hang with the cats any time I want and just be.

The past month has been fun, filled with new experiences and impressions but I’ve lost my routines. And I’ve stopped taking care of myself. And even though I’ve never had any anxiety of growing older, I’ve come to a point where I feel I should take better care of myself now, to be healthier later on in life. I'm not talking about anything major here, but I think my attitude is changing a bit, I’m slowly understanding that this is the only body I have and we’ll have to live with each other for the rest of my life.

I’m actually quite good at keeping up good routines when it comes to working out and eating proper food as long as nothing major messes with my plans. Major things in this case can be travels, sickness or too much work. And once I lose my routines I lose all of them. For a long time. Because I feel I’m being kinder to me self if I let myself skip a workout (or five), or eat takeaway food for a whole weekend, or not really leave the house for a week. But I’m also totally aware that this will not make me feel happier, or more healthy or give me back my energy. Rather the opposite.

Huh. This was not really was this post was supposed to be about. It was supposed to be about the fact that I’ve faced (hehe) the fact I’m turning 35 soon and it’s time to start taking care of my skin! I invested (stupid word for something like this, I know, but because of the price it felt like an investment) in a proper face cream - with anti-aging stuff! -  and eye cream. I’ve never had any real problems with my skin, but I’ve noticed it’s feeling less smooth and healthy looking, so I guess it’s time. To be honest my faith in various creams like this is quite low. I have a hard time believing an expensive fancy cream works much better than a cheap one, but I think paying the extra money helps with the mental part of this routine - the feeling of giving your body a gift, spoiling it a bit, and I also think if I’ve paid a bit more for it I might actually want to use it. Or maybe it’s the opposite, I’ll be afraid of using it? Like when you buy that one fancy piece of clothing and you save it for a special occasion and then once s sufficiently extravagant one comes up that garment is out of style, or too small and so will never be worn... well, we’ll see. 

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