Monday, 30 April 2018

buh-bye april!

OK, so seasons and months don't matter as much when you live in the tropics, but that aside - I'm so happy May starts tomorrow! Not only because it's my birthday month,  I just love the feeling of May. I don't have anything huge planned, no trips or anything, but I also don't have a ton of work. Just my illustration course and one major project that needs to be finished over the past couple of weeks. I hope to fill this month with simple things, like working in the garden, drawing and illustration a lot for my portfolio, hanging out with friends and Andreas. May needs to be a month of routines, because come June, the craziness with travels begin again. More on that another time.

This weekend I went on a masquerade with jungle theme, watched a lot of Supernatural episodes and cleared out my closet. It was a good weekend, a little bit of everything. This week I have a couple of meetings and video-conferences, and I will try to get as much as possible of the design work done for the dance event I'm working on. This is what my week will look like, if all goes to plan:

The morning began with a meeting with the expat organization I'm in, after that I have sent some emails, planned my week and worked on a few pattern designs I drew yesterday and now wanted to digitize, and the afternoon will be spend doing some cleaning and washing before going to CrossFit with Andreas.

I'll divide the day between the final work on the dance clubs yearbook, the program for the dance event and start working on this months newsletter for the expat organization. I'll eat lunch with a group of friends and take it pretty easy in the afternoon, since I'll have to wake up for a while at 2 am to join a video conference with my online class in Sweden. In the evening I'll either go swimming or go to CrossFit. Or rest.

I'm still waiting for some info for a small remodeling project I'm doing. Hopefully I'll have enough by Wednesday to get some meaningful work done... Other that that, I'll do a few chapters in my online Revit course and start with this week assignment for the illustration course.

The morning starts with a meeting to go through all of the material for the dance event, so the rest of the day will probably be spent making editing and updating that. Plus, I have a mid-semester video-chat with my illustration teacher!

I've moved my riding lessons to Fridays starting this week, which makes more sense for me, as I don't mind my Fridays being a bit more relaxed. I'll have to spend a few hours preparing a drawing workshop I'll hold next week, after that I'll be working on this weeks illustration assignment.

Me and Andreas have decided to clean out and organize our storage room on Saturday... Not exactly fun, but highly needed. No plans outside that... Maybe we'll go to the pool for a while to relax from all the hard work.

I'll have to do the finishing touches of the newsletter and hand in the illustrations assignment, but hopefully I'll get most of the actual work on both of these tasks done during the week. The highlight - or the saddest part, depending how you see it - of the day will be the farewell lunch for our friend Fina. She has been a big positive for us here in Brunei so we'll miss her a lot.

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