Tuesday, 10 April 2018

One positive and two negatives

The past few days I've been questioning my decision of trying to become a freelance designer. I will probably come back to this issue in another post, I need to reason a bit with myself and writing about it helps. But in general, it would be so much more logical to just try to get back to being an employed architect. But... I don't think I want that.

I feel a bit sad, bored and easily distracted today (hence here I am, writing this post instead of working) and I don't feel enthusiastic about my projects. I have one of those days - most likely PMS related - where any kind of feedback or criticism just gets under my skin and I feel useless and stupid. But I'm not. And handling feedback is part of what I do. But still.

the view from my home-office window
Over to something nice: I have booked my trip to Sweden and Norway this summer! I'm staying a bit longer than usual, and even though I always feel guilty for not spending enough time with everyone and not having time to hang out with all of my friends I do feel like I will have time to do plenty. I will spend 5 days in and around Gothenburg, a few days in my brother's summer house outside of Stockholm, then travel to Stavanger for 5 days, where I will hang out with my dear friend Emma. After that I will go back to Sweden together with another of my besties - Alison - and spend a weekend in central Stockholm. Then there will be a few days spent either back at my brother's summer house or at Herräng Dance Camp before I go back to Brunei. Yay!

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