Sunday, 22 April 2018

sunday randomness

Good evening blog.

I'm back in Brunei after my trip to Vietnam, where I got to hang out with my dad and spent a lot of time just reading books at various cafés and restaurant. We've had time to walk around Ho Chi Minh City and Hué for hours and I discussed my plans for the future with him. Now I'm done traveling for a while, and that feels pretty good!

Yesterday we went on a very cloudy "sunset cruise" together with a big bunch of fun people. One of my good friends here in Brunei will go to Huston for a year and this was her official farewell party. Being an expat means a lot of things - one of them saying goodbye to your friends quite often, as people move on to other countries. It's sad, but it also mean having friends all over the world.

Today has been a lazy day with a loooong morning in bed and then not much else except reading books, watching Netflix and doing a little bit of course work. I handed in the 6th assignment in my illustration course at Berghs School of Communication and also my mid-term evaluation. I'm actually sad we are already halfway done with this course - it's been a pure pleasure and I feel I know a lot better now what I'm good at and what I need to work more on when it comes to illustration.

Pretty soon I'll pick up Andreas from work and we'll go do our weekly grocery shopping and then there's not much else I plan to do today except have dinner and watch a movie. I hope all of you have had a nice and slow Sunday too!

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