Monday, 2 April 2018

week 14

Good morning, lovlies,

I have a good feeling about this week! Not because I have much planned, but because I look forward to a pretty normal and productive few days, with focus on both illustration and design work, a lot of variation but not too heavy on deliveries and deadlines.

Today - my admin and follow up day - I'm going through the week and sorting out all of the minor tasks on my to do list. Bank errands, sending out emails and making sure I have the material and information I need to be able to work efficiently on my projects. That includes downloading files for the yearbook/event profile  and designing, plus prepping the cad-files for the two architectural projects I'm working on this week. Tonight Andreas and I are going to CrossFit and I should really, really do some ironing...

I begin the day with yoga and then the focus for the day will be my illustration course! I also plan on spending and hour or so on the yearbook and then I have to do my Malay-homework because in the evening we have our final class for this semester. After that I'm off to the pool to do a few laps.

Hopefully my riding lesson goes well this morning... I'm still really on the fence if I should continue or not. I don't really enjoy it, but on the other hand I don't want to just give up even though I'm not making any progress right now. The rest of the day I'm alternating between my two architect projects - my friends bathroom renovation and my brothers summer house renovation - plus working on my online Revit course. In the evening the most exciting thing this week will happen - I've decide to do a quick refresher class in scuba diving, in order to get a kick in the but and actually start diving again! It's been about 8 years since my last dive and I am just a little bit nervous.

I begin the day with a meeting with the others in the team working on the re-modelling project where I'm consulting. It's been quiet for a while with this, I hope we can get started again soon. The rest of the day will be spend with the same projects as on Wednesday, and in the evening me and Andreas will go to CrossFit again.

I'll spend this day working on the yearbook/event profile and my illustration course. Not much else is planned just yet, most likely there will be time for a beer on the balcony in the evening.

I'll probably have to do some finishing touches on this weeks assignment in the illustration course, and the on Sunday I'm compiling content and editing the newsletter for the expat organization I'm a part of here. Other than that I hope for another calm weekend with maybe an evening swim in the ocean!

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