Wednesday, 11 April 2018

what I want to be wearing right now

Hello there!
This week I've spent plenty of time browsing online-shops to come up with ideas for my whishlist. My birthday isn't until mid May, but it's smart to be well prepared, right... I also find that putting together these little collages of outfits that I like helps getting rid of some of my shopping urges, which I believe to be a good thing. Anyway. Right now I feel like wearing plenty of colors in combinations I usually don't go for, and become a bit more brave when it comes to mix patterns. I'm inspired by Christin over at the blog Midi, a girl who know exactly how to do this! What I'm looking for now is outfits for everyday life here, to wear while working from home, when going to meetings or when hanging out with friends in the weekends. 

Dress - Monki
Sandals - Monki

Dress - Y.A.S.
Bag - Suncoo
Shoes - Suncoo

Dress - Monki
Earrings - Asos
Shoes - Asos

Dress - Lindex
Earrings - COS
Shoes - h&m

Jumpsui - Warehouse
Shoes - h&m

T-shirt - Lindex
Earrings - Lindex
Trousers - Monki

Dress - Asos
Bag - Asos
Shoes - Asos

Trousers - Asos
T-shirt - Monki
Soes - h&m

I'm still really much in to big bold patterns, either florals or abstract, geometric shapes and funny details. When it comes to shoes I'm looking for comfy but fun flats, and a pair of statement earrings is never the wrong choice. Other features I'm looking for is pockets, for both trousers and dresses - I want to be able to keep my phone with me at all times so I can listen to podcast - and light and flowy materials. I don't want tight. I have troubles finding nice trousers, as I want them wide, ankle length or shorter an not high-waisted. All trousers these days are high-waisted, and worst of all - they often have that paper-bag style with a big belt. Looks good on others but I feel totally uncomfortable in that style and since I have a short torso it just makes me look disproportionate. Plus it looks weird if you don't tuck your top. 

Let's see if I end up buying any of these items at some point! For now it was just fun to play dress-up in my mind. And to be honest, I'm currently waiting for a package from Asos to arrive, that I ordered a while ago, with among other things a dress for a jungle themed fancy dress party in a couple of weeks. 

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