Friday, 18 May 2018

Birthdays past

It's my birthday-week, if you have missed that... As I love going back looking at old photos I decided to round up a few from my past birthdays!

Turning 30
celebrating in our backyard in Stavanger, eating cake baked by my darling Emma and just enjoying the perfect May weather with my sweet friends. Matching mt painting in the back very well!

 Turning 31
pretty much copy paste from the year before, including a cake made by Emma,
only another haircolour and even more of a children's birthday party theme!

Turning 32
and getting help opening gifts in bed. I received so many fun gifts perfectly suited all of my geeky interests from Doctor Who, to roller derby to gardening.

Turning 33
celebrating at Emma's since Andreas and all our furniture were already in Brunei, 
although he sent me a huge bouquet of roses! Emma also spoiled me royally with cake for breakfast and making halloumi burgers for dinner. That girl is a star.

Turning 34
Receiving a perfect mix of gifts from Andreas, getting celebrated with chocolate by my expat organization and having a balcony party in the evening. 

Wow. This posts makes me miss my friends back in Stavanger a lot... So it's pretty awesome I'll be able to spend some quality time with Emma and a few of the others when I come back this summer, yaaaay!

It also make me want to do something new with my hair... maybe I should make an appointment for Friday... 

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