Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Celebrating 35

I wrote so much about how I was looking forward to celebrating my 35th birthday, I feel I should share how it actually turned out. Basically everything happened exactly the way I wanted it to happen! Probably because I had set up very realistic and relaxed goals, and mostly just relating to what I wanted to eat, but still, huge success! It still feels a bit sad not celebrating with my closest friends and family, as they are all on the other side of the world, but my absolute favorite people, Andreas, Hugo and Cricket, made my weekend totally awesome anyway.

On Friday the 18th - the day before my actual birhtday - I invited a small group of friends over for cake and drinks. Very chill and casual, but still nice to get a bit dressed up! Plus, the cake I made was delicious! I put it together from like three different recipes and it ruled! The cake of all cakes.

On my birthday Andreas woke me up with gifts, coffee and cookies. It was perfect. After opening gifts from Andreas, my parents and Anderas' parents in bed we hung out on the balcony and I started reading one of the books I got - the Handmaid's tale. The rest of the day I just read, ate awesome food and went for a swim in the near by pool, to try out another of my gifts - a waterproof mp3-player!

We finished off this perfect Saturday with prosecco, halloumi burgers with sweet potato fries and the Great Gatsby on dvd. Oh and the weekends second cake - a white chocolate and lemon cheese cake that I am sooooo happy with. Nom!

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