Saturday, 19 May 2018

Happy birthday to me, and: 30 after 30

There is this phenomenon called "30 before 30" where people come up with 30 things they want to achieve before they turn 30. Fun and innocent I guess, and something I would have thought was cool to make when I was in my twenties. But now this annoys me a bit, I just think it adds on the stress of ageing and the myth that life is over when you turn 30. Because of course you can't do any of these things when you are 31, then your done, over, passé! Well, you are not. And to prove that, to you and me, here's a list of 25 things I have done, managed or achieved since I turned 30.

I posting it here today as today is my 35th birthday, which means two things:

  1. a LOT has happened the past 5 years.
  2. a lot can happen in the next 5, 10 or 50 years

I am very aware that some of the things on my list are there only because I am a privileged person, who have access and the possibility to do them. But many of these things are not. They are things anyone can do, if you are prepared to step outside your comfort zone. And most importantly, most of these things I wouldn't have thought that 30+ me would (or maybe could) or even wanted to do, if you had asked 20 something me.

Since I turned 30 I have:

  1. learned to ride a horse
  2. begun dancing lindy hop, balboa and blues
  3. joined a roller derby team,learned how to skate...
  4. ... passed my roller derby minimum skills...
  5. ...and played a few bouts!
  6. become more comfortable at my work and handled several big projects
  7. quite my job to try something new and follow my dreams
  8. moved to a new country, my third outside Sweden
  9. become a student again, studied several completely new topics and learned new skills...
  10. writing CSS and HTML code
  11. participated in a tap workshop
  12. made new and really, really good friends
  13. gotten used to driving on the "wrong" side of the road
  14. overcome my fear of flying
  15. planned a wedding in three months and gotten married
  16. learned to like (vegetarian) sushi
  17. run 10k (only once, so far, but still)
  18. dared to show of my drawings and illustrations on a special Instagram account
  19. bought the domain for the name of my (hopefully) future business
  20. designed a logotype that will be used (internally) in a big company
  21. tried jet-ski in Bali
  22. fired an AK47 on a shooting range in Vietnam
  23. danced Lindy Hop in Seoul
  24. tried katana sword-fighting in Tokyo
  25. tried SUP in Brunei
  26. cut my hair short...
  27. ...colored my hair bright red...
  28. ...and also bright pink
  29. started studying a new language (Malay)
  30. started dancing Salsa Casino

Me, on my 30th birthday, 5 years ago. Little did this happy redhead know what the next 5 years would include!


  1. Vad härligt ändå att läsa om någon som INTE har åldersnoja. Själv tänkte jag som mest på det när jag tog mig över till 30 men nu när jag fyllde 31 var det ingen stor grej alls. Hursom - GRATTIS!!!