Tuesday, 1 May 2018

dresses, food and friends

Hi there!

It's just past midnight and I'm still sitting in front of my computer. It's not that I have been extra busy today or anything, it's just that I have a video-conference with my illustration class back in Sweden at 2:am (8:pm Swedish time) and I rather stay up late than wake up early to join it... I also didn't get at all as much done today as I had planned so now I'll just use this extra time to catch up.

The reason I was distracted from working on my projects during the day was that I posted a post in a "buy-and-sell" group on Facebook today, to try to get rid of some of the clothes I sorted out of my closet over the weekend, which resulted in a bunch of people coming over to try things on! It was quite nice, although a bit outside my comfort zone. I guess I hadn't expected the interest to be so big! In the end I sold one pair of shoes I've only worn once, a skirt, a top and three dresses! I didn't exactly make a lot of money, I set more or less symbolic prices, but it feels good anyway! I still have a bunch of stuff that I will try to sell over the next week or so, like 15 dresses and 2 pair of shoes, and four bags of clothes I will give to charity. Let's just say my closet is at least a little bit more airy now, for a while. I aim to replace the things I've gotten rid of with the kind of pieces I like to wear now. Less flower and leaf-patterns, more geometric and abstract patterns and more bright colors. And pockets on everything! Like this dress I wore today.

Dress from Mango, shoes from Asos

The reason I put on one of my current wardrobe favorites today was that I was going out for lunch with Andreas and a few of our friends to "celebrate" that one of them - Fina - is going away for a year to work in USA. Sad for us, fun for her! I don't remember the name of the food the others had, it was some kind of noodle soup (not lafka) with plenty of meat, but as I had one of my vegetarian days I had fried rice instead. Nomnom!

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