Sunday, 13 May 2018

I've read: plenty of books

It's been quite some time - since last year actually - since I wrote a book review! I have actually read quite a lot this year, so that's a bit strange, but I guess I have just been putting it off. As I don't want to go back and write a new post per every book I've read - that would just take too much time - I've decided to collect the books of 2018, so far, in two, shorter posts! This is the first one, covering a quite random selection of books. I am now reaching the end of my book supply, and have been reading stuff a bit outside of my normal genres, as I just don't have much of a selection here.

In order to make these post a bit more fun I'm also going to grade what I've read on a scale from 1 to 5, 5 being the best!

The Midnight Rose by Lucinda Riley

I git this from my mother in law who left it behind when we traveled with them in February. It's a story about a young Indian woman traveling to England and a fancy mansion in the early 1900 -  combined with the story of an american actress shooting a film in the same mansion in present time. I read it in Swedish and I was not particularly impressed by the language. The thing is, the part of the book that tells the story of the Indian woman, Anaitha, is quite interesting and well written, but the modern part just feels ridiculous. It feels like two different books and the way the two stories as intertwined is just too... much. It's annoying.
Score: 2/5

Hag-seed by Margaret Atwood

This is the story about Felix, a theater director that has lost both his wife and daughter, and the loses his job due to a power play by his former assistant. Felix is very creative and a bit too in to his job, and when he loses it he becomes a recluse just pondering how to get back on the people who maneuvered him out of his position. He ends up taking a job at a prison and starts setting up Shakespeare plays with the prisoners as actors.
This book is quite unusual, and it wasn't at all what I had expected. It's a story about loss, revenge and theater, and even though I don't think I'll be thinking a lot of this book in the future, I don't regret reading it.
Score: 3/5

Equal rites by Terry Pratchett

I considered not mentioning this book as I've read it before, along with all of the other books in the Discworld series, but I did read it this spring, so here we go. I can't go in to detail about the Discworld universe, but let's just say this is a humorous fantasy book that deals with the difference between being a witch and a wizard, and if a woman can be a wizard. As with all of Pratchett's Discworld books I love the language, the innuendo, the fantastic characters and crazy plots.
Score: 4/5

Prep - Curtis Sittenfeld

I got this book from my dad as an early birthday gift when we met in Vietnam a month ago. It was on my wish-list as I'd read about it somewhere and I am fascinated by life in boarding schools. The story covers fourteen year old girl Lee Fiorais years at the fancy boarding school Ault. It turns out she doesn't feel like she fits in, and she decides from the starts that she isn't cool enough, rich enough or smart enough to be anybody. The book covers all of her years at the school and we get to know her and her friends and what happens at the school, big and small. There's some drama, but this is a quite slow paced book. I didn't love it, didn't hate it... It was OK, but not really my cup of tea.
Score: 3/5

Djevelmasken (the Devil's Mask) by Tom Egeland

I guess I must have bought this book last year when I was in Norway., and it's been in my pile of "to read" books ever since. I've never read a book by Egeland before, and this was a part of a series about The albino archaeologist Bjørn Beltø. It's a crime novel taking place in a small community in Norway, where Beltø is hired to help uncover the mysteries surrounding three deaths, one in the 1700, one in 1954 and one in present time. There are connections to the church, demons and a ancient relic - the Devil's mask - and feel a bit like a Dan Brown book. It was years since I last read a crime novel, and this isn't the best one I ever read, but it was totally ok and fun to practice my Norwegian.
Score: 3/5

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