Monday, 21 May 2018

I've read: three series about magic

Here comes the second installment in my recap of what I've read so far, this year. The summaries are shorter and more a reminder to myself of what I've read than a proper review, but hopefully it's not too boring for you to read...

This time I'm comparing the three fantasy series I started the year reading!

The Invisible Library series by Genevieve Cogman

This series actually continues after the three books I've read so far, but I feel comfortable reviewing them anyway... In this series we follow Irene, a Librarian of the Invisible Library - a giant library existing outside of all other universes but with access to all of them. The Librarians can travel between different worlds and their goal is to collect (which sometimes means steal) important books from them. Some universes are modern, high technology world ad others are filled with magic and fairies and generally steam punk-y. It's a pretty fun back story, and the plot of the books are fairly exciting, but even after reading three books I can't say I'm particularly invested in what happens to the characters.
Score: 3/5

The Paper Magician series by Charlie N Holmberg

In this series, set in a steam punk kind of world, magic exists but only in the sence where every magician can control one kind of material, like glass, metal, platsic or paper (duh). This is the story of XXX who graduates from magician school and is forced to start working with paper magic, even though she rather have any other material. Luckily she is put in to apprenticeship with a young and hansom paper magician, who also appears to be involved in mysterious and exiting drama with black magic practitioners... This was a very easy read, but the story feels thin, is a little bit silly, and I get so annoyed with the main character for constantly doing such stupid things!

The Magicians series by Lev Grossman

I actually read the first book in the series a while ago and have already reviewed it here. The plot here is that magic exists in the world but is only known to a few people (Harry Potter style). Parallel universes also exists (Narnia style). But this series is way darker than Harry Potter or Narnia, there's more death, stupid choices, alcohol and sex in it, for one, and you definitely don't like the characters all the time. I remember not liking Quentin - the main character - at all in the first book, but in the second and third he grows on me, mostly because he grows up. This series is hard to put down, there are really good plot twists and great imagination, a series that feels like a way more solid piece of work than the other three. 
Score: 4/5

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