Monday, 14 May 2018

My birthday week

Hello lovely people, happy Monday!

On Saturday I'm turning 35, so I'm making this my official birthday week, which means I'm going to enjoy myself as much as I can and not plan too many things. Except for on my birthday, I'm going to totally plan a bunch of things, but those things will mainly consist of food I will eat.

I enjoy having a birthday almost as much now as I did when I was a child. Sure, the focus has shifted some, but it's still one of my favorite days of the year, and I do try to make it something special. As I live far away from most of my friends and family I will not celebrate my 35th in any spectacular way, but if I know Andreas as well as I think I do, I might get spoiled enough anyway. 

This is how I have planned my birthday week, so far:

Take control of the week, as always on Mondays, by checking in on whatever tasks that needs to get done, answering some emails and so on. This Monday is a bit special though as I'm going on a team building event with the expat organization I'm part of. It will be a "dine and cruise" kind of situation, so I hope the weather is nice and the food tasty... 

Work on my final course assignment in my illustration course, the finishing touches on the dance event graphics and a few other projects. I'm not planning on starting anything new really, this week, just tie up loose ends. There will also be some CrossFit, salsa and swimming in the evenings.

Begin the day with a riding lesson, then go grocery shopping for the weekend. Then I'll have some rosé wine, bake two cakes (a chocolate cake for Friday and a lemon-lime cheesecake for Saturday) and prepare some cocktails and then have just a small group of friends over for the evening, nothing big. Just nice and chill and fun. 

Sleep late. Have breakfast (cake?) in bed. Open gifts (I've seen the packages in Andreas' closet, so I know I'll get some). Read a nice book and eat chocolate. Open gifts I bough for myself from ASOS. Eat waffles with ice-cream for lunch. If the weather is nice, go to the pool for a swim, maybe even go for a walk on the beach? Probably talk to mum on the phone. Cuddle the cats. Eat halloumi and avocado burgers with sweet potato fries for dinner. Finish off with a piece of the cheese cake and prosecco. Then watch a good movie (maybe La-la land? Haven't seen it) eat licorice fudge and snuggle with Andreas and the cats in the couch. 

Sleep late. Eat cheese cake. Go for a swim. Maybe catch a movie with Andreas. 

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