Tuesday, 29 May 2018

taking care of Elvis

Last Sunday, just as my wonderfully calm birthday weekend came to an end, I made a choice that came to influence the rest of the week, and cause some stress and anxiety.

It was getting dark and as is not that unusual in the evenings here, a heavy rain was coming in. I was on my way out to the balcony with a glass of wine, to read for a bit, but got distracted by a loud howling. I walked down to the garden and discovered a tiny, and scared looking, kitten. We have tons of stray kittens hanging around in this area, some of them looked after by the security guards of the office a few hundred meters from our house. This little dude was crying and crying, obviously left alone and distraught. I tried to coax it to come and hang out in our carport as its nice and dry there and after a while it did. Still howling like crazy and quite wet. I left it alone for a while as I didn't want to cause it any more stress but it just kept howling and crying. After a while I gave up and went out with some cat food. And after that he refused to leave.

Fast forward a few days and the kitten is still hanging out around our house, mostly sleeping on the steps up to our front door. By this time I have given up hope that he will just go back to where he came from and decided to try and find him a permanent new home. So I'm posting on Facebook, contacting stray cat organizations and so on. And by Thursday last week I found one! We will have to keep him for one more week, but next Monday his new family will pick him up. Until then we are trying to get him used to being a house cat instead of a stray, and I've taken him to the vet, we have given him a bath and have removed the furniture from our screened off balcony and are keeping hi, there so he is safe and sound. He still meows a lot to get you to come and hang out with him, but at least now he is always dry and well fed. He's even started to use a littler box, although I had to first removed all the potted plants as he was pooping in them to begin with...

And yes, although I suspect his new family will give him a new name, I needed to call him something on the veterinarian forms, so I named him Elvis. Because without that voice of his I'd never notice him and this would have never happened. Plus it's obviously a My Favorite Murder-podcast tribute...

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