Saturday, 7 July 2018


Hello internet. I’m glad to be back in the real world! Although this adventure holiday has been one of the best trips I’ve ever been on.

If you follow me on Instagram (holly_hawkeyes) you have already seen a sneak peek of what our Mongolia trip looked like. We started the whole adventure with an unintentionally long travel day: about 30 hours including a detour to South Korea as a delay caused us to miss our connecting flight in Beijing. This resulted in us not having that extra day to discover Ulaanbaatar but ended up not being a big deal. Just slightly annoying. Anyway. The most significant impact this holiday had on me was how nice and relaxing it was to live without internet or phone connection for two weeks, and how easy it was to completely stop think by about daylight routines and plans and let my mind wander in more philosophical directions. I spend so much time with an audio-book or podcast in my ears I rarely let my mind just go but this trip let me do that. Plus the fantastic scenery and lovely climate made me both happy and a little moved. And I’m a very unsentimental person.

So, what did we do for these two weeks? Again I will not bore you with too much talk and a thousand photos. I'll just show you in a few of my favorite ones from these tow weeks, and summarize real quick.

We traveled from Ulaanbaatar to the north, by plane and then four-by-four and spent the first of our trip camping, kayaking (or actually pack-rafting) along a beautiful river and hanging out with our fellow tourist Seth and the crew organizing the trip, the main organizer Gregg, the guides Gana and Anha, the chef cook and drivers Bagi and Mende. All very nice people. We had an amazing time, spending all our time outdoor or in our tent. We also spent two day by the lake Khovsgol, where we slept in and partied in a yurt, and went diving on a wreck. After nine days me and Andreas continued by ourselves, accompanied by Jagi and Bagi, and spent five days driving from the north back to Ulaanbatar, taking our time to visit a few sites and among other things trying to ride a Mongolian herder horse and a camel!

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