About the blog and me

Hi, I'm Annika. I'm 33 years old and originally from Sweden, with Göteborg as my hometown. 2016 has been an interesting year in many ways. In February I married my best person Andreas and in June we moved from Stavanger in Norway after having lived and worked there for 7 years, to Brunei on Borneo. The reason being my husband got a job here. Now we live in the tropics together with the cats Cricket and Hugo. In Norway - and before that in Sweden - I was working as an architect. As I don't have a work-permit here I'm not allowed to work and therefor I have planned to spend the time here studying, trying to be creative and maybe figure out if I want to change careers. So basically I'm a student/housewife/unemployed. In many ways I'm living my dream life at the moment, being able to do pretty much what I want, but as a quite independent person it is also weird having ended up here thanks to someone else and not to my own efforts.

So, a few other things you might want to know about me. I am a feminist. I love animals, but I'm not a vegetarian, so I guess I am also a little bit of a hypocrite. I am cutting back on meat though. One animal that I don't love is the octopus. I hate them and have a huge phobia. I kind of like paying taxes. Although to be hones I don't do that right now. Since I don't have a job. But I wouldn't even I had a one here, because Brunei is a zero-tax country. So. Strange. I have a tendency to ramble on a bit and write really long sentences, but that's OK because this is my blog and I'm the boss. I write in English because that's the language I speak with most of my closest friends and several of them read this blog. I can be a bit lazy and mostly post photos I've taken with my iPhone, partly because I usually don't bring my camera around but also because photography is hard and I'm still trying to learn.

I hope to get plenty of time for this blog - my own piece of the internet universe - during my time here. I really enjoy using it as an archive to remember what I've been up to over the years, and it's great to sometimes sit down an type your thoughts and plans. I started this site to stay connected with friends and family when I moved away from Sweden but also as a way to connect with new people. I really enjoy the blog format and have followed many inspiring bloggers for the past seven years.

My blog has kind of a diary format, where I write about everyday-life, music I like, things that pisses me off, places I visit, tings I grow in the garden, fun things I find on internet and so on. I usually keep my work-stuff away from the blog, but maybe I'll start being a bit more open about such things as well, we'll see.  Of course a few of my hobbies will get some space here as well. These include reading fantasy, painting, watching Netflix, dancing Lindy hop, changing my hair color and re-arranging the furniture in our house. Home-related post will most likely be interspersed with my favorite music and movies, tropical adventures, a fair share of cat pictures and maybe even the occasional outfit-post.

PS: All pictures on the blog are taken by me, if I have not written anything else. Please don't use them without asking first.