Wednesday, 9 August 2017

a few new bits and bobs for the house

It's been a long time since I shared anything other than books I've read or plans for the future here on the blog! Time to get a little bit superficial and consumer oriented here again, I think...

I can't really find home decor stuff that I like in Brunei. Different taste, I guess. So this time when I went back to Europe I did what I usually do: buy things for the home that can easily fit in my suitcases. Ergo, small, flat and/or lightweight are key words. And when I piled up my acquisitions for this trip all next to each other I noticed a few other themes... black/white, green and to be hanged in windows!

storage boxes from Söstrene Greene
hanging glass vases from Indiska
large oval hanging candle holder from Bruka design
green curtain and curtain tieback from Hemtex
striped canvas storage-bag from Habitat

NB: I'm not sponsored, all of these things are bought with my own money and carried home in my own over full suitcases by my own two hands. Now I'm looking forward to finding good places for all of my findings... yay!

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