Wednesday, 20 August 2014

bedtime for the garden, already?

I know it's still August, but here it feel so much like fall it might as well be October. I still have some hope there might come a few more summer-like days again, but you never know. I would like to get a sunny afternoon someday soon so I can go out there and clean up a bit, maybe rescue some plants that could move inside before fall and tie a couple of the bigger plants and bushes up after all stormy nights we've had lately. I haven't really been outside much since I started working, and the garden is now looking a bit overgrown, overblown and wind-blown.

The garden, late August 2013
the garden, now. 

Monday, 18 August 2014

#ootd Back to Black

... or back to gray, I guess...

I think it's fair to say that autumn has come to Stavanger. At least it doesn't feel like summer at all any longer. I packed away my summer clothes this weekend, which means most of my more colorful dresses, tops and skirts. I was pretty much bored with them anyway so it felt like a good thing. Today I sported a completely colorless outfit that wasn't very visionary at all, but that ended up feeling quite fancy since I wore pretty shoes. Pretty shoes help. And today's wind and rain called for a tweed jacket. Business above, party below?

trousers, blouse and jacket - h&m. Shoes - RocketDog

Saturday, 16 August 2014

high intensity cooking

I have mentions several times here on the blog that cooking isn't really my thing. But I like to eat so every once in a while I have to do it. My strategy when it comes to cooking is to 1. simple is best, and 2. while your at it - why not cook for the entire week so you don't have to do it again?

Now that both A and I are back at work and both of us are more busy in the evenings I really like to have something in the freezer that I can just pop in the micro-wave when A eats dinner at work. So on Thursday I had my food preparation day, making two big loads of soup, hummus, plus both breakfast muffins and some smoothie packages so that I'll easily can get back in to good breakfast routines again. There was a lot of bowls and cutting boards in the kitchen at the same time, and the trick is to keep the different project separated, so you don't end up with chili in you muffins or banana in your soup. If you don't like that kind of thing, of course. It took two hours, but that included cleaning the kitchen, and now I have so much food in the freezer nothing more will fit in there. I store the soup in plastic bags, one portions in each. It takes up less space and  they are easy to defrost.

The soups I made was this one with broccoli and sweet-potato, and this spicy one  - but I only had tofu in it, no shrimp.

The breakfast muffins I did this time bacically only included oatmeal, some nuts, egg, baking powder, apple-sauce and banana. They turned out really moist and tasty!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

#tbt No artistic progress

Found some old artwork of mine when I visited my Mom this summer, and had a sudden insight: Three years old - that's when I peaked...

This is just a few examples. I was a way more creative child than I am as adult! Look at the carefree strokes, the bold use of color, the imagery! Maybe I should go back to the same themes as I preferred then, dreaming animals, ambulances and princesses... 

Hugo's spot

We've been doing a bit of a furniture shuffle here in the house over the summer. A couple of new pieces have moved in and some other have been forces to find new homes within our home. I'm not all done with this project that turned out larger than I anticipated, even though the changes in themselves have been kind of small. The plan was to add more practical storage and at the same time update, clean out and get rid of some stuff that hid in all of these cabinets and drawers in our tiny house. 

Anyway. One of the places that got a "new" piece of furniture was the up-stair hallway, in the corner that is the first thing that you see when you walk up the stairs. This is Hugo's spot, and he used to lay on top of the small drawer-unit that stood here before, but it had the wrong dimensions and always felt a bit out of place. As we bought some new stuff for the downstairs hallway we moved this bright turquoise piece from there upstairs and it works so much better. Hugo doesn't seem to mind, actually I think he prefers it since he now has more space to sprawl on.

I decorated with some candle-holders and a vase in the same color-family as the drawer-unit but when it came to the artwork I wanted something more neutral as a contrast, so i chose a painting with a Gothenburg-motif that I'm borrowing from my dad. It still has some details that picks up the green-blue so I think it work great. And the frame matches Hugo's fur perfectly...

Outside vs Inside

The weather turned here in Stavanger pretty much the same day I started working. Which suits me fine, I don't mind bad weather when I'm at work, but it have sort of put an end on my enthusiasm about being in the garden. Maybe it'll come back if the sun shows up again, but so far I'm just enjoying taking some of the many flowers I've grown this year indoors. Particularly the sweet-pea that smells amazing!

Monday, 11 August 2014

five years in Stavanger

I don't remember the actual date we moved here, but it was in the beginning of August 2009, which means that we celebrate five years in Norway these days! I wouldn't have thought about it hadn't it been for the fact that A came home with a bouquet of flowers from his work, congratulating him on working there for five years. That's a nice gesture!

Some days I can't believe it has been this long, and some days it feels like I lived here forever. Here's what it looked like the first weeks when we had moved here, still living in a hotel because the container of our stuff hadn't arrived and we did't have the keys to our apartment:

I took a year off from working as an architect after leaving my job in Sweden, and decided to study art- and architecture history at the University of Stavanger. That was a great decision, but I felt a bit old compared to the other first year students...

We moved in to our nice and airy apartment on the tiny island Grasholmen a bridge away from the city center. 

I was blond and has short hair. Odd. 

I met T & E for the first time at a BBQ!

And I hung out with some other exchange students, mostly four nurse-students from Canada.  They made me realize I like Canadians. Here we are on a hike. 

And Stavanger showed itself from its pretty side. 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

DIY globe re-design, a world of gold!

A couple of years ago I felt the need to buy a globe. Maybe it was an acknowledgement of the fact that my acquaintance with world geography isn't as good as I would like it to be, or maybe I just thought that our living-room needed a big sphere with a map on it, I don't know. But I bought one, and placed it on our glass-cabinet, a central spot in the room. Problem was - I never liked it. I didn't think it fitted in with the rest of our stuff and, well, it was just a bit boring.

Not as glamorous and reminiscent of travel and exploration as I wanted it too. I longed for a globe looking something like thisthis or this. Something that would catch your eye while not being too cluttered, if you know what I mean.

Instead of getting rid of it I planned a global makeover (hehe) and the other day I took the plunge, without really knowing how it would turn out. To my aid I had some blackboard paint and golden varnish. And to calm you guys down who think I intended to destroy a vintage globe - this was just an old looking reproduction (from Kremmerhuset).

The gold-varnish was quite transparent to begin with, and at some places you can still see through it, but I don't really mind. And if I feel like it and can draw on the seas with chalk... Obviously I didn't get all the shorelines and tiny islands correct, and yes I did skip a couple of the smaller islands, so it's not as functional as before. But much, much prettier. 

After I was all done I updated the decor on top of the glass-cabinet to work even better with the gold and black of my "new" globe and I must say I'm really pleased with the result.

World-lamp from Åhlens (old), the "Saving Gotham City" poster - a gift from my best friend L, the Tim Burton book - gift from A, photo from photographer Hilda Grahnat in vintage frame, vintage mirror and vases from Fretex. 

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Swedish Summer of 2014

As usual I spent one week in Sweden over the summer. This time I crammed in meeting as much friends and family as possible, except I had to save my brother for when I visit him in September. Anyway. It felt good hanging out with mom, dad, my grandparents, A's whole family and some of his relatives plus four different friends that I spend a whole lot of time missing. Thinking back, I can't really understand how I managed to experience so much in only seven days.

I got to visit the little community where my grandmother grew up, I went on a roller coaster, I jumped from 6 meters into a warm sea and I went shopping with mom, but still there was time to help her clean her flooded cellar a bit.

I lost a new necklace and found it again and made plans for friends to visit us here in Norway. I picked a bouquet of flowers, I ate some of my childhoods favorite dishes and I bough two pair of fabulous shoes.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

#tbt ring

I went through some stuff when I was at my mum's place last week, and I found this! My first ever ring i got from a boy! My first "boyfriend", whom I dated between the age of 7 and 9 (!) gave me this (the one on the left - the feet). I don't actually remember when he gave it to me, if it was for a birthday or so, but isn't it cute? And weird/brave of him to give me a ring? Wonder if A will be jealous if i wear it... Prooooobably not.