Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Monday Marilyn in a blue blog-dress

Seriously, my iPhone 6 Plus is terrible for selfies! I have to balance that huge thing with two hands while trying to keep it steady for taking the pic. Plus if you try to use it for mirror-selfies it will end up taking most of the space itself... 

Anyway, I wanted to post this photo in all its non-perfection because I felt like showing off this cute 60's dress, that I've owned for a while but I've never worn until yesterday. I bought this beauty a while back but I needed to alter it a bit first, so it's been hanging out in my mending pile. I actually bought it from a blog-sale that one of my favorite Norwegian bloggers, Minismartinis, had. Yesterday I put it on when I went out for a beer with my dance-friends at my neighborhood pub. It was all very casual, but I had been experimenting with pin-curls just before (hence the fluffy hair) so I wanted to put something on that work with that. Cute, eh? Also I need to clean my bathroom mirror. And that's Cricket sneaking up on me behind my back, by the way, that black fluff on the lower right side. She's a darling, sometimes she scares the s* out of me when I'm putting on my makeup, she just jumps up on the toilet seat, then stands on her hind legs and put her front paws on my shoulder... 

Monday, 5 October 2015

Things I look forward to this fall

Just one thing first. Fall. Or autumn? I know one is British English and the other American, and I also know that I'm not very consistent either when I speak or when I write, I mainly just chose whatever feels most natural at the time, but this word? Fall seems so... Short and inconsequential, and doesn't really communicate the loooong dreary season that this can in Scandinavia. Autumn, however, sounds suitably somber, but doesn't come very natural when spoken.
Never mind. I never know which one to use, but it doesn't make it less true that it's here. Summer was prolonged for me since we actually had nice weather much of September, and then I went to Portugal where it was still warm, but now it is irrevocably here. And this is what I look forward to thee upcoming months:

  • Free weekends. Yes. I've been traveling three weekends in a row and it is to much, however fun it was. 
  • Trying out print-screening. I got the equipment from A as a Christmas gift but haven't gotten around to start using it yet. Now I will have time. 
  • Making home-made body scrub.
  • Movie marathons... I'm thinking the classics like all of the Harry Potter movies in one weekend, or all Lord of the rings movies in one day. Love it.
  • Coloring my hair. It's time.
  • Cleaning out my closet, replacing summer with fall clothes.
  • Dancing in Stuttgart.
  • Going to a spa. I haven't booked anything yet, but I hope to be able to treat myself with a bath in a warm pool and a massage. 
  • Dinners with friends. I'm not a very frequent hostess, but eating at home together with friends is something I want to do more often. Casually and on a weekday preferably. 
  • Spending time with A. Our separate hobbies and busy work schedules have kept us apart more than I like these past few months. I want to spend more time with my BBFF (best boy friend forever). 

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Two random things that made me happy this week

1. James Marsters.
I first heard of the book series Dresden Files in 2007 when I lived in, you guessed it, Dresden. These books have nothing to do with that particular German city though, and I actually came across it since I was googling James Marsters, who played Spike in my all time favorite tv-series Buffy the vampire slayer, and found out that mr Marsters has lent his voice to the recording of these books. I guess it was here somewhere that my infatuation with audio-books started. I love the Dresden files. It is an urban fantasy series about a wizard in modern day Chicago. I've now listened to all 15 books in the series and am eagerly waiting for number 16, but as luck had it, last time I was browsing Audible where I buy most of my audio-books I found a book of short stories from the Dresden files universe. And after having listened for only five minutes I am smitten with the series all over again. And with mr Marsters of course. He has a great voice. I might just start listen to all the books all over again. For the fifth time of so.

2. My new shampoo and conditioner.
I bought these just because they're supposedly good for fakes blonds like me. Or enhanced blond, rather. Anyway, when I opened the bottles for the first time this week I realized that the shampoo smells exactly like those popsicles you could get when I was a child, the ones you bought a whole package off, in different colors, and I used to steal them from the freezer all the time. This shampoo smells like the dark red ones, probably some E-version of raspberry. Lovely. I had a full on nostalgia trip there in the shower! And the conditioner smells like mango, and that's just fine too.

Saturday, 3 October 2015


So I spent 4,5 days last week with my roller derby team in Porto, Portugal for a few days of team-building, relaxing, training and to finish it off - our first ever game. Or bout as it is actually called in derby terms. Due to the past months busy schedule both at work and privately I haven't really had time to think so much about this trip, more than planning the practicalities around it, so it's wasn't really until on the plane there I started looking forward to it. And, to be honest, to freak out a bit about the bout. Freak bout. Freak about. Hehe. Ehum.

I came later than the other girls because I had to work, but it was pretty sweet to suddenly just go away to a warm country when fall is becoming more and more present in Stavanger. Traveling with a group of ten people with strong wills can be a bit challenging at times, but we had a lot of fun. There were some good food, port wine tasting, late night dancing and out-door training, and of course the game, against the local team Roller Derby Porto. Our coach is from Porto so he had arranged for us to play the bout, a friendly and not as a part of any league or anything. We got our asses kicked and lost with about 200 points but we were all happy to have achieved the goal to finally play a bout with only players from our team. 

I came on the Wednesday and the game was on the Saturday so I had plenty of time to experience the place first. Porto is a really nice city, the typically European mix of old and new, baroque and modern side by side. We had a few really sunny days but also a few with thick mist coming in from the sea. 


Hello folks. Here's an instagram type of post from a very laid back evening in the couch with my favorite people. The cats, A and I have just finished watching the movie I, Frankenstein on Netflix (it was... well, entertaining) and are now watching rugby, England vs Australia. I've never really watched a game before but I totally I enjoy it. More fun than hockey. It feels super good to just hang out at home today, after traveling for the past three weekends. I've had a busy day painting the house, doing laundry, washing up and getting some errands done, so this is just the place I want to be right now. Hope you all have a wonderfully lazy evening!

Sunday, 27 September 2015

color inspo - old facades

Last weekend I went to celebrate my grandfathers 90th birthday. We celebrated with a dinner in Gamla Linköping, and I went via my brothers place in Stockholm and got to hang out there a bit too. I just wanted to shares some photos from Gamla Linköping because I really think this is a place to visit if you ever find yourself in that area.

Walking around here makes me question why we are so scared of using colors in modern facades. There are some really bold colors ad combinations here but they all fit perfectly natural together. 

Friday, 11 September 2015

Hair and stuff

I'm the. most. impatient. person in the world when it comes to hair. I want en extreme change every time I go to the hairdresser or I wont be happy and I get bored with a new hairstyle after two months, tops. This means I pretty much always have an idea of what I'm going to do next only within a few days of getting my hair cut or colored. On the other hand, I don't really do that much with my hair on a daily basis, so I can't have a high maintenance do. I haven't really come to any conclusion yet on what is the easiest hairstyle do to have - long or short, bangs or no bangs, red, brown or blond? Right now I'm looking back on these two pictures, one from a year ago, and one from two years ago, and I miss having long hair... And bangs. 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Blog makeover - a work in progress

Hello there! Don't recognize yourself in here, do you? Well, the blog is getting a make over, I'm not finished yet, but it's a start. I've been meaning to do this for a while, as you can see I even changed the name to reflect more of what is going on in my life right now. The cat and the hawk is actually referring to my two hobbies - dancing in my Lindy Hop club Swingcats and playing roller derby as Holly Hawkeyes. As it feels like all I do these days (except  for working) is dancing or training I feel the name is an accurate representation on my daily life. I figure it can be a good symbol on contrasting sides of myself, or something like that, too. If you want to be deep. Who knows. It works.

Also I love cats, and birds are just so cool.

Friday, 4 September 2015

my dance shoes

In Herräng, at the Lindy Hop Shop, I splurged. On new, red Saint Savoy shoes. I hand't tried dancing in heels before, but it worked out perfectly. Sure after a couple of hours my feet were a bit sore, but no more than what would have been expected. After five nights of dancing I got a blister. But I loved dancing in these! Will save them for special occasions though. 

When I came back from Herräng I bough a second pair of dancing shoes, a pair of black Ked's. Yes, I know, completely wateful but at least I know that I will use these a lot, since I plan to dance for a long time. These will be my new everyday-dance shoes. I haven't danced with them yet, but they are really comfortable, with more arch support than I expected.  

Oh, and there are my tap shoes too. A gift from my dad this Christmas. They will also be more used now, I've started to practice on my own at home, with youtube-tutorials, so I can surprise my tap teacher/friend A... 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

outfit. the koala-shirt

Recently I have found myself wearing simpler outfits, more shirt and trousers than matchy-matchy dresses and cardigans. It might just be a reaction to all of the girly stuff I was wearing through the summer, or the fact that I for some reason tend to wear more trousers in summer because I prefer wearing cropped trousers and that works better with summer shoes. I don't know, and it doesn't really matter. What matters is that I finally got around to wear this adorable koala-shirt that I bought in London in February. It has been one of those items that I have "saved" and not worn for some reason.