Thursday, 18 September 2014

Good morning

My (not really daily but...) morning routine consist of me waking up, preparing a smoothie, going for 20 minute run/jog, taking a shower and then relaxing in front of a good tv-show on Netflix for 30-40 minutes with my smoothie, breakfast muffin and a nice big cup of tea, before getting ready for work.  It is a pretty awesome way to start a day, and I'm super happy I only have a 10 minute walk to work so I can do all this without having to wake up before I actually go to bed...

I've been posting about my favorite tea-types before, but now I've tried a new one: Pukka - Cleanse!

I didn't really buy this one for its cleansing properties, but once again I was tempted by the fennel... this is a great morning tea, with just the right amount of freshness thanks to the peppermint. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

My princess-dress

When I was a kid I used to draw a lot. One of the things I portrayed most often as a six year old - not so uncommonly - was princesses. I used to draw them in dresses with a lot of bows and frills - think Disney - and the skirts often had a kind of curtain-like skirt made of two types of fabric, one opening up over the other, know what I mean? This dress that I found on Etsy a while back reminds me of those dresses. I very rarely go full out Disney-princess style-wise but I'm invited to a wedding in two weeks and I need to decide what to wear. This might do, with a bit of ironing...

Dress from the Etsy-shop Archetypevintage.

And I need to invest in a better lens to my camera, this is catastrophic...

How you make a city beautiful

On Sunday I went on a Nuart-walk in the city. Nuart is an annual street art festival here in Stavanger, and it's one of my favorite thing about this town. Have a look at some of the artwork and you'll see what I mean:

The last picture - with the people running on the side of the wall - is my favorite, They are made by Norwegian artist  Strøk, and you can find his people on other facades in Stavanger too. I think they are brilliant. Very Inception

Monday, 15 September 2014

Monday. Just saying.

This week started off in a lousy way... I woke up ten minutes before the alarm went off from an absolutely horrifying nightmare about zombies, giant killer-trees and knife throwing children. And then I checked out the results from yesterday's election in Sweden. Sigh. I'm glad we're going to change government but our third largest party after this election is a xenophobic party. I though better of Sweden...

Anyway. The rest of the day was pretty mediocre but then I  had a 3,5 hour long session of Lindy hop, and now I'm sweaty and happy! Good times! But still, seriously Sweden...

Thursday, 11 September 2014


This town I live in... so many wonderful houses...

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

time to do something about the hay - I mean hair.

Today I'm off to the hairdresser! Woooot wooot! 

the grandma-plant

I never remember what this flower/plan is called. I think it might be some kind of begonia? But anyway. This is a plant that I got as a cutting from my grandmother last Christmas, and for a long time it looked as it would't survive the trip back from Sweden in my handbag. But it did! And is now growing strong. And the best thing is that this plant is a descendant to one that my dads grandmother had in her home. I think. Isn't that cool? And now it lives here, on a windowsill in Stavanger, next to a tiny rabbit in a glass-box...

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

#ootd On short skirts

Today when I woke up I was in a bit of a hurry since I had decided to snooze for 1,5 h and didn't have a plan on what to wear. Oh well, I was only going to sit in front of my computer the whole day, working on some office layouts so I just wanted to put something comfortable and warm on. Which I did. Before I left the house I also decided in the spur of the moment (because it wasn't raining) to try out a new pair of shoes I bough a while back. But then at work I got a comment (which was meant as a compliment, I'm sure) from one of my colleagues on how chic I looked with such a short skirt...

And the rest of the day I caught myself pulling at them hem of the skirt and wondering if maybe I'm too old, or too curvy to wear this length of skirt. But then I realized that I don't mind this length on other people, and that I should try to give myself a break. Plus, my mom tells me I look good in skirts above knee-length, and this precise dress was actually a gift from my dad...

Isn't it sad how you can let an off hand comment mess up your mind like that?

Dress and cardigan: old ones from Zara, tights from Monki and shoes from Filippa K

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Bunker exploration

I have some of my favorite people visiting from Sweden this weekend, and today we defied the weather and went exploring the lighthouse and bunkers on the island Fjøløy.
Me and A decided that we are going to buy a bunker and make a house out of it... 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

#tbt three years ago

This is what I looked like exactly three years ago. I'm getting more and more tempted to go back to short and blond...