Thursday, 2 July 2015

I miss you!

My dear blog hasn't received any attention for over a two months now. I had actually started thinking about giving up on it - didn't really feel any inspiration - I would think about a post and then just not getting around to writing it. The accessibility of Instagram surely has had an effect too, I actually don't read as many blogs myself anymore but follow more people there. But. Then I needed to find a picture I knew I had posted half a year or so ago and started browsing through some of my old posts. And I miss this place! And, I remembered why I write here. This is my diary, and I've been keeping a diary for as long as I can remember, on and off. Especially in the summers these diaries have been filled with plans, dreams, drawings, lists and photos and I've always loved going back to read them. So I won't give up on this place just yet. Maybe I'll give it a bit of a make over, though. But first, just to celebrate the walk down memory lane that led me to this conlusion: here are three pictures of me, from today, one year ago and two years ago! Things change and time flies.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

#tbt mini-cricket

Look at his tiny little Cricket-ball from 2,5 years ago... being all skinny anf with bat-ears. Cutes kitty in town.

Monday, 20 April 2015


So I finally got around to do some painting last weekend, after a break for many months. This time I had decided to have a go at something abstract, which I think is really hard. I usually start with an idea, get frustrated and end up painting over everything, and then its just a mess of brown. This time I did that for a bit, but then came back to the canvas when it had dried and ended up if not satisfied than at least content. I basically just wanted something to go next to T's bird on my "mantelpiece" and this works for that. 

While we're at it - this is where I paint, right next to my inspiration-board a.k.a tha gallery wall, where all my favorite prints and illustrations hang. Have a closer look here.

Stuff is piling up. Works in progress and things if feel that I'm done with. Storage and wall-space is a problem in this house. 

This is one of my favorites, so it gets to hang on a wall (where the light is pretty bad apparently), inspired by 60's comics and di Chirico, one of my idols. 

Saturday, 18 April 2015

another gift!

I haven't shown you guys this other awesome gift I got, this time from my friend T! This one took some time to display because I wanted to find a good frame... I love this print,  it's perfect because of the colors, the graphics and since after magpies I think that the Great Tit is the most stylish bird, even though the name is pretty awkward, and I think this looks like one. 

 Now this pretty bird is "hanging" in the place of honor over our fireplace on what I like to call the "mantelpiece".

Friday, 17 April 2015

new shoes

I have new and shiny shoes from ASOS, that makes me feel like a seven year old going her first birthday-party. Such a good feeling.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

An example of a very thoughtful gift

This Christmas my sweet friend E got me a gift that was so well thought-out and useful: a seed keeper! Didn't know you needed one? Neither did I, but now I do. It took a while for me to actually start using it but now that gardening season has started and I have seed-projects going on on every available windowsill I have fully realized its use and potential.

I went through my seed collection and sorted out the old ones and put the ones left in the envelopes in the organizer. On the envelopes you mark when you planted the seed and then when/if you harvest. I'm not sure how useful exactly that function is, but it so much better to keep the seeds here than laying around in various drawers in the kitchen or shed. Looks nicer too.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Harcore city-kitten

I came across this song (and had to find the video) that reminds me so much of being 15. I thought Tomas Rusiak was pretty hot. 

Here's my own hardcore city-kitten.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Green green green

April... Marks the beginning of so. Many. Awesome. Things! Barbecues, going outside without a coat, bright mornings - and gardening! It might still be a bit early but today I bought plants and began with this years attempt on getting the prettiest garden in Storhaug. I'm going to be more disciplined this year and not "over plant" so that the tiny patches gets too crowded. And it's already going green out there... niiiiice.

The weather wasn't great this afternoon but I got stuff done so the next time the sun shines I can just go outside an enjoy.

Monday, 13 April 2015


I've had a great weekend filled with all the stuff I like best, hanging out with friends, dancing, sleeping in, watching Netflix and eating good food. Now I'm waiting up for the person who would have made it an even better weekend had he not been traveling, after having had a late Roller Derby practice where I completed the last of my minimum skills! That's pretty big!

I'm enjoying this sport more and more and I'm starting to feel if  not confident then at least more comfortable... In two weeks I'm going to a tournament in Oslo where I'm going to play my first bouts, and I'm both nervous and excited. 

Friday, 10 April 2015

Easter eats

One of the things I spent the most time doing during this Easter holiday was cooking and eating. I started the whole thing by going to one of my favorite supermarkets here in town and buy all of my favorite fruit and vegetables. I'm not going into much detail about every dish, but here are some of the things I (or A) put together over these days. 

Liba-bread "pizza" - I have explained this one before

I think I ate some variation of pizza or hot sandwich with avocado five times in five days. So good, can't fail with that. 

I had a go at a simple artichoke recipe but then remembered that i don't really like artichoke

Paired with some kale chips it was pretty good though

Fry-up with onion, sweet potato, and sausages - needed spicier sausages

A's homemade pizza. Delish!

I made this refreshing slushy made of frozen strawberries and Sprite. Highly recommended! 

And finally - I had a go at the trending chia-pudding. This one with banana and almond milk. I'm not overwhelmed in any sense, but I think I'll have another go... Doesn't look as nice as all the pinterest pictures I've seen...