Monday, 31 January 2011

Holland Day 1: hug-a-cow-day

Sometimes Stavanger can feel like a very small city. Because it is. At those times it's good to have friends in other cities, in other countries. And it's even better when these friends celebrates their birthdays and thinks it would be a good idea if you would come visit them. So that's why me and A went to Groningen (in Holland) to visit our friend J this weekend.
 It was really really early when we left Stavanger, so it was still morning when we took the train from Shiphol to Groningen.

When we arrived in Groningen we met up with J and five of his Norwegian friends at a coffee shop. Me and A needed some energy after the long trip so we ordered American breakfast. Nom nom.

J had big and very secret plans for our day in Groningen, but first we got to enjoy the view from his apartment. Niiiice.

Then it was time to leave Groningen to go out in the countryside. We all wondered what kind of activity J had planned for us city-kids out here in this very flat place.

And the suddenly whe stopped. Outside a farm.... hmmm

We soon found out that this farm offered an experience quite far away from everyday life of the modern human being. Cow-hugging. It's apparently scientifically established that hugging a cow will make you feel calm and harmonic. It has something to do with the fact that the cows have slower heart-rates than humans.

Apparently the cows really likes to be hugged and milk better if they are cuddled with. And since I like milk and cows (I like all animals with 2-4 legs) I naturally approved of this concept.

This is me, saying hello to a cow. I'm wearing the latest in farmer-fasion, royal blue overalls matched with Wellington boots in a moss-green nuance. I also got to bottle-feed a one week old calf. That was cosy. But it was a bit scary walking around in the barn with all these huge animals just jogging around freely. 

After an hour in the slightly smelly house of cows we played "farmers golf" in a field. Fresh air was needed, and after a while out there we also needed hot chocolate and cheese. Which we got. Perfect.

It got late and even colder and we hesitatingly decided to turn back to civilisation. Maybe farming could be a career to consider?

 We spent the evening celebrating J's birthday and sharing our fond memories of the days experiences. When the evening turned into night sleepiness caught up with me, and I talked A into going back to the place where we were staying.  Biking home through Groningen in the middle of the night was really refreshing and felt very Dutch.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Come fly with me

This is one of my absolute favourite videos this year. Though I guess it came last year... Anywho. It's beatuiful in every way. It reminds me of scary movies and dreams. Flying houses! Röyksopp + Karin Dreijer Andersson = gold

Friday, 28 January 2011

slow and fast

Tonight I'm having a really really slow Friday to prepare for this weekends adventures. I'm not even tiring myself with any cooking - the Norwegian national dish is on the menu - frozen pizza!

And then there is the entertainment of tonight... semi final in the World Championship in handball: Sweden -France. Exciting!

Thursday, 27 January 2011


I just added a new picture to "paintings and stuff" of my latest attempt in front of the easel. It's a suspicious owl inspired by the scary bird in the second season of Twins Peaks that I'm watching right now. I like to surround myself with animals, and since I can't have any live ones...

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

longing for green grass and yellow earrings

Mmmm. Today is just one of those days when summer seems so very far away. I'm longing for sunshine and warm wind. And green grass. So I'll just post a picture I took in July last year - puts a smile on your face, doesn't it? This summer I plan to rent a car from time to time so I can explore more of my surroundings here in Rogaland. There are many nice things to see. And cows.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

high polished

Yesterday there was a big box in my mailbox. Nail-polishes! Since I have decided to throw away my ancient collection of said liquid I thought it would be a good idea to get some more up-to-date ones instead. I bought them from online-store elf. This time the shipping was for free and I so fell for that trick.

I like nail-polish for two reasons. Number one: the names. I mean, how can you not feel a little bit better about life in general when you go around with "Metal Madness" (up front) or "Desert Haze" (left) on your fingertips? Number two: the smell. Well. It brings me back to being about thirteen, with nails bitten down to the flesh, sitting and painting layer after layer until I had a coat of polish half a centimetre thick on each nail. I used to paint patterns and flowers, and sometimes the nail-polish actually kept me from biting my nails for a week or so. Good stuff!


Clear skies on my morning-walk to work.

Monday, 24 January 2011

thumbs up

Here is a fun little art-project that I did the other day. I had thrifted five very cute frames in mini-size that I did not really know what to do with, when A mentioned that the frames were the perfect size for fingerprints. Aha! Since he came up with the theme I thought it wasn't more then fair that he should be the model for these lovely pieces of art.
this little girl inhabited one of the frames, but that was a bit to impersonal to me, I mean, I don't know her!

DIY: necklace board

I have collected some really nice accessories over the years, but they tend to get tangled up in boxes or drawers and I keep forgetting to put them on. My latest home improvement-project is an attempt to help with this huge problem. I introduce to you, the necklace-board!
It is made from a cheap bulletin board that I just painted white and glued fabric on. The fabric is a mixture of textile and paper and I used wallpaper paste to glue with.

there is room for my owls
and for Marty, and a the swalow
I use metallic thumb-tacks to hang my necklaces on, the ear studs I just put there as they are.
To make it even better I dressed up a little cardboard box in the same paper/fabric. I added a knob from an old drawer, and voila! 

pretty, huh?

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

details of the day

I wore three owls around my neck. Nice amount of bling-bling
I had a skirt from Monki on, I really like this pattern
I painted a bit. This one will be known as my "Twin peaks"-painting when I'm famous.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

tonights entertainment

"1 British a theatrical entertainment, mainly for children, which involves music, topical jokes, and slapstick comedy and is based on a fairy tale or nursery story, usually produced around Christmas. "

Thank you Oxford Dictionaries for explaining to me what I experienced today. An accurate description!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Tonight I had planned to refill my stock of home made müsli, as seen in an old blog post, in line with my New Year Resolution to eat better and tastier breakfasts. But instead I ended up baking these:

Why save good stuff for the holidays only - they should be eaten all year round! (Or at least until there is no more dough...)

Oh, and I just burned the last batch because I was writing this. Ooops!


I now I always come back to this issue when talking about our apartment, but again: it's a rental, and I am not allowed to paint the walls. Now, that has not really been a huge issue in most of the rooms (even if I probably would have repainted twice already if i could) all the walls are white, so it's ok. Except for the bathroom. Which have my least favourite colour of all times, namely peach. It's impossible to match with anything nice and even though it gives a warm feeling it just appears so very dated. Anyhow. Now I think I have found the prefect items to bring a well needed sense of glamour and exoticness into this the realm of hygiene. Introducing the Gold-animals.

Both rescued from the impound (second-hand store Fretex). Welcome!

Monday, 10 January 2011

why a backup pair is such a convenient thing


this blog-post could be about craftyness - if that's how you read the header. But no, this blog-post is about my hand. The right one to be precise. It's behaving weirdly. Not that it's picking up stuff and throwing at people without my permission - it just hurts. And tingles. I thing it is because I work to much at the computer, and maybe I sit in the wrong position. So now I try to work with my left hand as much as possible, but that's very awkward. I wish I were ambidextrous. Anyone have any good ideas on how tired wrists can get better?

I've now put bandages on my poor little hand so I will remeber not to use it so much, and it's resting peacefully in my lap. At least I have a pretty dress with polka dots. Dots always cheer me up!
And now I'm off to the Quiz.

Sunday, 9 January 2011


Look what my friend T gave me yesterday! Her mother in Finland had used this fabric in the 60's and did not know what to do with it now, and T thought that I might find use for it. Of course I will! I just have to find the perfect spot. Thank you for thinking about me T! Large, green flowers, it just doesn't get much better.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

this week's obsessions

I got the Twin Peaks dvd collection from A for Christmas and I have already seen the first season in only this week, and I'm well in to the second one. I did not have the right TV-channel when it was actually aired but I have always wanted to see it. And it's all I expected it to be! It's also a great source of inspiration when it comes to fashion - esespially Audrey Hornes. She always wear great shoes. Or why not a log as an accessory?

My other media-related obsession of the week is my continuing fixation to audio books. Just to be sure that I'll have something to listen to for a long time I recently started on the Wheel of Time- series by Robert Jordan. That's should cover at least January and February...

2010 - what happened?

The first week of 2011 is soon over so I think that I have enough distance to 2010 to really look at it in an objective way... So here is a list of good things that I will remember from the fist year of the second decade of the second millennia.

me and A celebrated 10 years together
That's pretty big, I think!

I got a new job
Quite different from my old one, and sometimes I miss studying, but I learn loads of new stuff every day and the people are amazing.

I began flying again
For a person with a fear of flying, making over 20 take-offs in a year is huge. I'm still not loving it, though.

I started a blog
I'm still not entirely sure of the purpose of this blog, other than it's were I collect things I've come across that I like in one way or the other. I'm writing for my own sake and because it's fun. One of the challenges of 2011 is to figure out what this is really.

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Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Tuesday and a grey one at that. So instead of going to the gym as planned I bought a bow. I don't know where to put it yet, the landlord does not aporove of us making holes in the walls, so until I find a suitable existing one or grow some backbone I'll just let it be. For 10 NOK I can wait for the perfect spot to come to my mind. And since there are so few fun second-hand shops here in Stavanger (I have said this before, sorry for the complaining) I just can't let the little fun stuff I find once in a while be.

bow-hook, made of brass?
This is what I wore today. Clothes with animals on are always a favourite so on a slightly gloomy day like this I figured a skirt with birds on would do the trick. A bit of powdery-pink to remind me of spring and then a thrifted blouse that reminds me of an school teacher I had in 3th grade and, yes, that was pretty much it.

cardigan and skirt - H&M, blouse - thrifted

I was apparently a bit angry and shy today if I read my body language correctly. Well.

January blossoms

Christmas is over and all the things we stressed to buy for the big holiday is now on sale. Great! I stuff the red tablecloth back to were it belong and throw my dead hyacinths away - but just to replace them with new ones! The amaryllis was half the price compared to the one I bought in December, but that one is still blooming, so no I have two. Green is the new red.

And oh, this years (last years, sorry) Christmas tree is the best one ever! It's still happy, so far it has only lost about four needles. I'll let it stay until Easter if we continue to get along as well as we have.

Monday, 3 January 2011


I got many a pretty thing for Christmas and some of them will probably appear here if I decide that more outfit posts would be a nice addition to the blog of 2011. But. Two gifts qualify for a post of their own, because they are so perfect and fun and nice. I present to you Maggie the Magpie-ring and Marty the Meercat-necklace. Thank you again, A for the ring and M & S for the necklace.

Maggie. Proud and perky.

Marty. Look at the face of this little dude!

Sunday, 2 January 2011


OK. So it's that time of the year. New-Years-Resolution-time. You never keep them, yet you get back to thinking each year that this time, this year I'll succeed. And why not. I am a firm believer in new beginnings. I'm the one to say "on Monday I'll start my new healthy life" and live on chocolate the whole weekend. And give up on Wednesday. By now A always smiles knowingly when I come with these statements... Anyway. think the trick is not to put anything really strenuous in there, like "stop eating candy", "exercise 4 time a week" or "stop buying eye-wear". There should be fun things in the resolutions, stuff to look forward to. So. These are my NY-resolutions for 2011:

eat tasty breakfast every day
paint more
plan more fun stuff with friends
make more friends to do fun stuff with
buy a split-leaf philodendron-plant
make the blog prettier

See, that was not so hard. OK, so of course I'll also try to exercise more, eat better food and be more concious about my consumption, but the new year should not be about restrictions - it should be about opportunities. Here's to an optimistic outlook on 2011!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

happy new year - thank you for the old one

After a rather hectic Christmas - going to Sweden, visiting three different cities in 6 days and then back to Stavanger again for work - it was really nice to only have a dinner for two planned for new years eve. No stress about finding the right dress, not having to run around in the snow/rain on high heals, only some cosy cooking-stress. This is our New-Years-menu for 2010!

Starter: soup made of Jerusalem artichoke, with an apple compote and crispy parma ham. And thyme. 

Main course: beef roulades with bacon, mushroom and red whine sauce and potato-noisettes.

Dessert: vanilla and lemon pannacotta with pomegranate.

When the time of 2010 started to run out so did we. To the bridge. We had a 360 degree view and there were fireworks in all directions. And we drank champagne. Veuve Clicquot. It's good.

My plan for this the first day of 2011 is to spend as much of it as possible in bed watching films and eating the leftovers from yesterday. I will leave all necessary preparations for the new year until tomorrow.