Tuesday, 31 May 2011

growing up

In this small town - the description "village" actually feels more accurate - there's a tree. There's a church as well but that plays only a minor part in the story. The tree however has a major role. The tree is a Weeping Beech and its hanging branches sweeps the ground like paintbrushes in the breeze. The trunk is thick and gnarly and not at all easy to climb. You have to climb the ground-touching branches to actually reach the crown. The ground underneath the canopy is soft from the old leaves and when the season is right you find heaps of beechnuts in the hollows between the roots. From the shelter of the shiny foliage one can play and hide for hours and spy on the pretty boy with big brown eyes. You can carve your initials in the bark like so many others have, but you decide against it because you don't want to hurt the tree.

and here comes Tuesday!

Today's feeling: Optimism! 
Today's breakfast: vanilla youghurt with home made müsli, orange juice and a muffin 
Today's Hipstamatic-setting: random
Today's outfit: a new white H&M cardigan and bright pink vintage skirt. 
Today's hair: wet, it's raining - why bother?

Monday, 30 May 2011

food and such

When I was back home in Sweden a week ago my best friend L gave me a cookbook filled with yummy recipes for cupcakes and cookies. And all the cup-cake baking equipment you need. She's a star, my L. The best thing (almost) about the gift was that it was wrapped in white and red polka-dotted paper and handed over by her wonderful 2,5 year old (is it? already?!) daughter with the words "it's a book!" Love that.
Anyway. Today the baking inspiration fell over me and I tried a recipe. I was baking to the sound of a rather silly cooking-show on TV - fire stjernes middag - where a poor guy forgot to put flour in his brownies. I shook my head in superior condescension and put my chocolate/banana/hazel nut-muffins into the oven. And turned around to discover the whipped eggs that I had forgotten to put  in the mixture... weeeell... I ended up having a nice omelet with feta cheese and rosemary from the "garden" for dinner - and the muffins taste fine. I should know, I've already had three.

After sweating in front of the oven it came as a nice surprise that the annoying cooking-show had ended and instead one of my favourite shows - Top Gear.- had begun. And yay! another favourite was there as a guest - Stephen Fry! That's a pretty nice Monday in my book.

London souvenirs

When we were in London we obviously spend some time shopping. I did not end up spending huge amounts of money, which I'm happy for, but I'm a little bit upset over the fact that three hours of browsing through vintage-shops along Cheshire Street did not result in any purchases. I didn't even find anything at Beyond Retro and that's usually a safe bet. Anyway, here are some things that I actually bought!

flower pot with funny birds on

some postcards from Tate Modern. This one is a de Chirico - love the colours

books! well, half of these are mine. All of the serious books a A's. But I might have a go at "The little book of String Theory", who knows.

At "Frock Me"- vintage fashion fair I bought these tiny pieces of fabric. At least one of the will end up as a sleeping bag for my iPhone. I'm thinking the top one.
And at the fair I also found this lovely dress! It makes me feel like Minnie Mouse and I'm going to wear it on our Midsummers Eve party.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Saturday outfit

ouAfter the strenuous day at sea it felt nice to dress up and go out to dinner with my friend T. We went to Italian restaurant Allegro and I had an OK pasta. Later on we met up with A and some other friends and watched the Champions League finals. Yay, Barcelona won! And then we went for some drinks and dancing at Hall toll, but only stayed there for an hour or so, the music was really boring.

Dress: 365 Sunshine, (bitrhday gift from Mom ), bolero and tights: old ones from H&M, shoes: don't remember

Strange things to do on a Saturday

Well, as I have told you before I'm living with a very active person and that can really have its perks. Like I can tag along on his adventures when I feel uninspired to create my own. Yesterday he had made plans with our friend O to go free-diving.

we took the ferry to Kvitsöy towing O's boat behind his car. I also want to have a boat...

The guys dove for two hours. I'm impressed, the water was just + 9 degrees!

hullo birdie
I sat in the boat with an audio-book on my iPod and ate Kvikk Lunsj.
Great thing about diving - you can find your own food! In this case scallops.

Friday, 27 May 2011

What now?

I had to go home early from work because of a massive headache. And I had so much to do! Anyway, I came home after lunch and slept for three hours. And now I feel better but tired, so I'm blogging from my phone in the couch. Now I'm watching a tv-show about an archaeologist who have discovered a hidden city in Egypt. How cool is that!? When I was a kid I wanted to become an archaeologist, but as you know I ended up being an architect instead. Close enough I guess. To be fair I also wanted to be a police, a thief and a ghost... And I haven't pursued any of those careers eihter.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

It's Friday tomorrow. That's good.

This evening has just flown by, and I haven't really done anything. I picked my bike up from the shop - yay! and I've made some müsli. That's about as productive as I've been. Now I've got a head-ache and will soon go to bed. I did manage to produce some really tasty dinner for myself though, and the ingredients looked so pretty so I hade to take some pictures. As usuall when it comes to me and food the motto is "the easier the better". This is a simple warm patsa sallad based on ready made tortellinis, boiled sugar peas (is that's really what they're called?) and some other vegetables I had in the fridge. I did not have any olives, that would have been even better. I eat variations of this quite often, as you might have noticed.

see how I created the illusion that the kitchen is tidy? Impressive eeh?

nutritious and colourful. Check!

it's been a while

I have not posted any music for a while! But here is a real treat for you. And it's Norwegian! I love the contrast in this slightly disturbing video, soft and violent, slow and energetic. And as usual when I hear something I like I'm doing a alitlle sit-dance here in front of the screen. What would the neighbours think...

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


After a long day at work I decided to take the bus to the shopping centre where I have left my bike to be repaired. Yes it's a new bike, and no, I have not even used it yet... anyway. Before going to the bike-shop I ventured into Fretex to see if there were any bargains to be made. I did not find anything but I did find my friend T! So I ended up going to her place for Finnish pirogues andf choco-coffee. And as if that wasn't good enough I also ended up going home with a sunflower and a pot of strawberry-plants, birthday-gifts from T and E&B. Thanks so much to all three of you, you know me so well!

The gift came in exceptionally handy since the far from inspiring wheather these last weeks plus the fact that I have hardly been home has left the balcony in a rather sad state. With the exception of my potato-plant which just keeps growing like crazy.


to celebrate my birthday last week I went to Sweden over the weekend to visit friends and family and increase the opportunity for people to give me gifts. It was nice but I wish I'd had more time. Fortunately I did have time to spend with this lovely fellow.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

London - a summary

So I had written this really thorough and inspired blog-post, but then it disappeared. Or I only dreamt that I wrote it. But now, as the days just keep going, I've decided to just summarize this awesome trip which is the reason I have not written anything here since last week:

Me and A went to London on Saturday and returned on Tuesday. During 3,5 day we had time to eat various meals with various friends, visit two museums an one Vintage Fair, walk around a lot, do some shopping, feed squirrels in Hyde Park, go to a Comedy Club and I had two really good flying-experiences. Sweet!

Architectural art. I like. At Tate Modern
Street in Camden

Market in Camden
me outside of "Frock Me"- Vintage fair. heavenly.

I bought a lovely red/white polka-dot dress. Made me look like Minnie Mouse
The best book-store in the world- Waterstones. I shop fantasy
emglish breakfast. Nom-nom


me and A at the science museum
what sex is your brain? test at the science museum

Happy day!

Today's my birthday. Hello 28! The amazing A gave me a really good start of the day with breakfast and gifts in bed. He's just awesome. Coffee, cheese sandwiches, cake and gifts! Big yay! The day proceeded nicely with a good productive day at work with celebratory hugs, high-fives and cake (again!) from my lovely colleagues and now I'm just waiting to head off in to town to have dinner with A at Bölgen & Moi at the Oil Museum.

This is a couple of the gifts I got from A. He managed to buy these things in London without, me noticing it. I love how the books have a "comic-theme"! Roy Lichtenstein is one of my favourite artists and I loved to see a couple of his piece at Tate on Tuesday. And the comic-books are the collected Sin-City stories, which one of my favourites movies is based on. Can't wait to read them! By the way: a London-blog post will come tonight...

On another note. I finally found a frame for my Carl the Teen Wolf-print. It's from Sammy Rose, and I love it. The dress is an old one from Indiska, the hair is new but not as great as I had hoped for (and certainly paid for!) and the hammer I got as a birthday gift from a group of lovely boys when I turned 15. For protection, you know.

The result: I'm happy. And Carl got some company from  Elfride the Elephant's who's got a new coat, as a part of my new porcelain-pimping-hobby.