Thursday, 30 June 2011

chewing-gum deluxe

This is the necklace I bought at the flea-market the other day. The shape reminds me of pre-chewed chewing gum. Yum.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

your trash, my treasure?

When your throwing a party that will include serving of food it's always nice to have something to serve said food on. And since paper plates and random plastic trays does not - in my opinion - provide the right ambiance this is what I'm going for this Midsummer. Glass. All second hand, kind to nature and my wallet. And pretty. From Fretex.

And I found this fabulously ostentatious mirror. Don't know where to hang it, juts knew I had to have it.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

look out!

Well...  five minutes after complaining about my shopping habits I go and buy and new pair of glasses on LensWay. I was only going in there to buy new contact lenses, and see what happens! I'm a mess... To my defence I can only say that I actually need a new pair, but since I bought three pair last year, I guess this is only the start of the eye-wear shopping season of 2011. Some people think I'm crazy to buy glasses online without first trying them on. Thing is, when I'm trying on glasses in real life I can never decide. And I mean never - before buying the three new ones online last year I had not bought anew pair for 7 years! And for five of those 7 years i was seriously looking for a new pair. I just go in to the stores, and try and try and feel bad. Now I buy a pair or two - much cheaper than at a real-life-store - and I have not been disappointed yet. True, I have not been overwhelmed either, but at least I got glasses that are updated to my present visual defect. This is what I bought this time, can't wait to see if they fit!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

the perfect saturday

My saturday was a great mix of all that is nice in life. I started out feeling a bit slow after being out dancing on friday night, but after meeting up with E at the local flea market I definetly perked up!

E found some really great things. I browsed around and found a couple of cool items, like this awesome toaster:

This bag made out of an armadillo was just too macabre for me. Poor beast. Armadillos are so fabulous.In the end I just bought a very pretty necklace that I'll show in another post.
After the flea market we had brunch at Deja Vu and then we did some shopping. I picked up some real bargains at the sale at Monki. Then we headed off to the vegetable market. That's a very photogenic place!

I ended this very nice Saturday by going to the cinema with A and a group of friends. We saw the latest X-men movie, and as a Marvel-fan I obviously liked it. Great day!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

alone by your side

This bring me back to when me and two of my friends from university - M and M - went exploring a beautiful but completely rundown abandoned house in Göteborg a few years back. It was scary and exciting and lovely.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

covering up

when the weather started heating up a bit here in Stavanger I dug all of my summer clothes out of their hibernation on top of the wardrobes. One sad discovery I made then was that one of my favourites summer-tops had got a stain on it that I could not remove. The only thing that lessen the pain of the stain is that I'm pretty sure its origin is chocolate ice-cream, and I probably had a nice time eating it. Anyway. To save the top I decided to hide the stain with a vintage loose collar I bought on Fretex a while back.

I'm definitely going to try to find more of these loose collars next time I'm at a thrift shop or flea market. It's such an easy way of updating a piece of clothing and it only takes a couple of minutes. This time it ended up pretty good if I may say so!

The quality of my photos has really not been up to par lately, I'll try to work on it. I blame bad light.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


If I turn my head 45 degrees from where it is positioned right now this is what I see.

This is the tiny triangular-shaped (I know - stupid) closet where we keep clothes. And some shoes. And a aerial-photo over Göteborg. I miss Göteborg. And no, not only because summer has yet to arrive in Stavanger. I miss drinking coffee in Haga, having pick-nicks in Slottskogen, walking home to Guldheden at night and I miss all the nice poeple. I miss spårvagnar. I miss kebabpizza.
This summer I'll spend two days in this lovely city, in between a ten day long Spain-excursion and a week long cabin-vacation in Strömstad.
Now I'm off to soccer-practise! That feels rather Swedish.

Monday, 13 June 2011


I was pleasantly surprised when A came home after diving yesterday with a bunch of scallops! And even better - he decided to whip up a fancy appetizer for us. I was not very helpful in the kitchen while he was preparing the dish, but I can tell you that a scallop consist of a shell, some goo and the blob you eat. I always order scallops if I see it on a restaurants menu, and eating it at home tasted every bit as good! Yay for A!

Before: still alive and kicking. Or at least moving, a bit.
After: scallops with parma ham and garlic. And a salad with feta cheese.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

old spice

I don't know if it's the aftermath of the soccer-practise yesterday, or if I'm experiencing the effects of tomorrows extremely early morning in advance - but I'm soooo tired! Maybe I'm getting sick. I need to arrange a taxi to pick me up here at 5:15 tomorrow since I'm catching a flight to Oslo for a whole day of meetings and site-visits. I need to plan what to wear, and pack my bag so I have everything I need with me. But my legs wont lift me out of this chair. After eating a lovely dinner prepared by A I stumbled into bed and slept for an hour. But it didn't help. So now I'm putting all my faith in this:

A&W root beer, made with aged vanilla 

is aged vanilla better then new? It tastes like tooth-paste so I'm sure it's good for you

joy and pain

update from my last post: my first training session with the local soccer team went pretty good! Well, the positive thing about it was that the players and coach seemed really nice and was happy to get some new blood in the team since they have loads of people injured. Not sure if that's a good sign, come to think of it... Anyway. I was  invited to come watch a game on Thursday to meet the rest of the team since many were absent today. On the downside... my embarrassingly bad shape... I guess the little tecnique I had hasn't deteriorated so much but I'm so terribly unfit! After doing some intervals I started seeing black spots and tasting blood in my mouth! I'm honestly quite sure I broke a lung... still couching pretty badly... But I'm sure that can only get better, and as I said - the team seems to consist of really pleasant people, so yay!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

nervous excitement

I have - after nearly two years of procrastination - contacted the local soccer team to ask if I could come train with them. Maybe you didn't know, but I played up to the age of 18 and then some a couple of years ago, but now I haven't since we moved to Stavanger. I'm terribly nervous to go, since meeting a bunch of new people is scary - like the first day of school! I hope they wont think I suck. Eeek!

Monday, 6 June 2011


Here I am again, on this awfully rainy Monday... and what am I up to? Well, I'm doing something so uncharacteristic as actually planning a DIY. I usually just come up with an idea and carry it out in pretty much the same moment, but since this project will influence the look of out entire living room I feel the need of a strategy. So, what is this gigantic life-changing  project of mine?

This is our coffee-table. Actually it's more of a dinner table since we mostly eat in front of the TV. ( I know, very immature, but we're not even 30 yet!) Anyway. It's not an interesting table. It's not sexy. It's not exciting. It's not a mid-century curvy-lined beauty made of real wood. What it is is birch veneer. It's IKEA. It's truly bland. And very useful. And since I have not found anything lovely and cheap to replace it during all my visits to Fretex I'm now going to give this old chap a make-over. But I have not really figured out in what direction to go just yet. I'm thinking a paint job could improve it a bit, and today I made some photo-shop alternatives to see what could look nice.

I could make it easy for me and just go with black and white...
or brighten up the place a bit with a happy yellow?
This is A's suggestion. And it's a pretty good one, going all Mondrian on the thing
Or maybe something a bit more organic?
I have not reached any real conclusions yet, but I'm sure I'll get there. I'll keep you updated.... Any opinions?

To accompany this amazing creative process I've been listening to some awesome music by Philter, my new favourite Norwegian artist. Just so you know.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

quick, the sun is shining - run outside!

Wehather in Stavanger has been great this weekend, and yesterday there was a surprising amount of activity in the city. Apparently there's something called Rogafest going on and that seems to include a lot of live music spread out on small outside stages all around town. Nice! I noticed this while having a late lunch at vegan restaurant Resept with T. Quite good food (I had the Banditt Burger) but I've had better there before.

The rest of the day was spent in complete relaxation together with A. Could not sit on the balcony since it was drying up after the cleaning and all our furniture (and all the plants) are still inside. Today we've continued with the laziness and only went outside to have a very improvised lunch pick-nick by the sea. I love that we have all this loveliness so close to home, it's such a luxury.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

early bird

Yesterday we were invited to O's place for a BBQ. It was a perfect summer evening and we had a great time with a group of lovely people. Today, however I'm tired. For two reasons: Firstly: along with tasty food I had a some tasty wine yesterday. Secondly: even though it's Saturday I woke up at seven. And got up and cleaned a bit. Because our landlord came here at 8 to clean the deck on our balcony. Which is so great! I so look forward to the finished result. Right now all the stuff I had out there is creating a bit of a traffic jam in the living-room, though. Well well.

I have no real plans for today, I might just take a walk in to town to buy some canvases because I feel like painting. But right now I'm going to snuggle up in the couch with a good book and a cup of tea until I feel a bit more awake. I like lazy weekends.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

an essential good product

Wow, I'm so lucky I found this very helpful item at Söstrene Grene. So that I can keep the made of iron article clean. I'm a bit suspicious about the origin of the sponges though... imported material? Pretty colours though.

Hi there June!

This the first day of June is a rainy day here in Stavanger. But since tomorrow is a work-free day I'm happy anyway. Not that working is bad, but sleeping in is better...

To help keep the rainy-weather-bad-mood away I decided to have yet another go at cup-cake baking. No. I'm going to stick with the term "muffin". Feels better. Anywho. To make it even more advanced I just loosely based my baking on a recipe from my cook-book and improvised with what I had in the cupboards. I made a rather traditional base with dry ingredients (but with more sugar), and divided it into two bowls. Then I added diferent flavouring into the them: in one I had frozen blueberries and the other cocoa-powder, hazel nuts, dark chocolate and hacked Daim ( a brand of chocolate-covered, hard toffee). I did not forget the eggs this time...

I love how the blueberry ones turned out completely purple! Stuffed with antioxidants. And the triple-chocolate ones taste lovely... They are very compact though, have to work on that...
The table cloth is a new purchase by the way! I think it will look really good on the table on the balcony this summer.

don't be upset

I found a sweet song via this great blog. I'm especially in love with this verse:

I took my darling out to the aquarium
Sea-creatures stared at us and we stared back at them
she freaked when she peaked
at that eight-legged blob with a beak 

- she was too scared to speak
I said "don't be upset, it's only an octopus
don't bother him and I'm sure he wont bother us
please don't get upset my darling don't get upset"

The best video I found was with a Russian translation and therefore I want to dedicate it to E who's back in Siberia. Maybe you can learn something! See you soon my friend.