Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A new do and a magic yellow bracelet

And so we've reached the middle of yet another week. And what to do with this Mitwoch? Well, I took a stroll in to town ( as I so often do ) and passed some time browsing the shops to see if I could find a nice autumn-y cardigan ( I did) before getting my hair cut at Modo. This is what I came home looking like! You can see why I could not resist taking the shots in the bed room, can't you?

one from the front.... posing with the owls
and one from the side... it's short and I like it!
But what's that thing there? The yellow band? Can it be what I think it is?

Why yes! It's a "Festivalbånd" that gives me access to three days of music at the Rått og Råde festival - starting tomorrow!

Monday, 29 August 2011

hallway detail

Remember this little project I did a while back? I was never a 100% happy with the fabric, so I finally decided to change it. This time I'm maybe 95% happy with it, mostly because I think it is such a cute fabric, but maybe it's not the perfect fit for the colour of the wood. Anyhow. The fabric is another one from IKEA, designed by Kristine Mandsberg.

As you can see I did not remiovie the old fabric underneath... I have two very good reasons for this.
1. I think that the organic shapes shining through actually adds something extra to the design placed on top
2. I'm lazy

I've discovered the convenience with having a stool in the hallway. To sit on and tie my laces, or to pile the mail on after coming home from work. It also serves as a nice distraction for the awful radiator...

The problem with narrow window ledges

The apartment we live in has one major draw-back. I'm sure the title of this post might give a hint as to what it is. We're talking about maybe 7cm to play with. As at least my friends might now by now I'm a huge fan of plants so imagine my frustration about not being able to fill the windows with greenery. I've tried to solve this by using pedestals and placing a low bench in front of the living room window, and many of my plants live on the floor. But that doesn't help with the fact that the windows still look pretty empty. Here's what I'm doing with them so far:
My collection of pretty, tiny pieces of porcelain

Frame with a Silversaga photo
Anyone have any good ideas?

Sunday, 28 August 2011

the white hydrangea

On Staurday I could not resist the pull from the garden-centre when I walked past it on my way home from the soccer-torunament I had just attended. I went in to buy some stuff to replace all of the overblown flowers on the balcony, and only that. Honestly, there isn't really any space in the apartment for more house-plants. Or so I thought. Seems like there's always room for another hydrangea.

canary birds

This is what I put on when my friend N invited us for drinks at his place on Friday.

The top is actually a dress I bought at Camden Market in London in may, but it's just a bit too short for me to feel comfortable in. The skirt is one of my favourite ones, I got it from my Mum a couple of years ago for Christmas. h&m.

Canary-print - can it be more festive? Or is it maybe some kind of finch?

dotts and lights

Yesterday I got a package in my mailbox. A polka-dotted tube, with my address written in very neat handwriting. I was pretty sure of the content, but I opened it with great anticipation...

Earlier this week a contacted the very sweet and talented Malin to order a print of one of her amazing illustrations. I've followed her blogs for a while now and love her work. Malin aspires to become a children's book illustrator and I'm sure she'll succeed in that endeavour.

I had already bought a frame for it, but I'm going to try to find a better one. A slightly larger and fancier one I think. The motive is called "Barnaljus" and you can see it better here.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

swans are graceful

Down at Breiavatnet today. You know how swans always look so graceful and elegant with their long necks and white coats?

Friday, 26 August 2011

hang out

On Thursday me and the rest of the people at my work were invited to a colleague for dinner -krabbefest!

Doesn't this look awesome?

Nice to eat with your hands... 

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


...our phone is broken again. And has been for two weeks. And we don't know how to fix it.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

unknown updates

This blog has now excisted for a little more then a year. And still I'm not entirely sure of it's purpose. I started it to keep friends and family updated after us moving to Norway, but what else could it be? I think I need to think a little more about this, and maybe come up with some plan... some new themes... I've noticed that a blog can work as a motivation to actually get off the couch and DO stuff,  whether it's just to have something to blog about myself, or that I've got inspiration from someone else's. I also think it's time to update the look of the blog, a much easier decision! Ergo: there might be some changes here in the future. Maybe not huge ones, but hopefully some kind of improvement.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


What to do a rainy Sunday in Stavanger? Well, learn how to make chocolate-confect of course! And where do you go to do that? Sjokolade Verksted in Sandnes is the place. Belgian chocolatier Pascale taught us everything about tempering (?), decoration and preparation. Well. Maybe not everything....

This is how you make bowls put of chocolate
E's preparing to attack a cube of marzipan

Friday, 19 August 2011


The sun is shining, and I'm hanging out on the couch watching The Big Bang Theory and procrastinate cleaning the kitchen. In a couple of hours we're off to C's house for dinner. Tomorrow we're going to a farewell party and to the movies and on Sunday me and the girls are going to a Chocolate-making-course. You see - big weekend! So I need to get back to resting now so I'm up for all the fun.

These days the walk to work over the bridge often include this vista: cruise-ships in the harbour makes the city centre look so tiny. It is. But cute.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

a belated birthday greeting

The anniversary went by without me remebering! Where can this relationship be going if I don't remeber such a huge thing? Well, I certainly hope that the blog will forgive me, since I've at least given it a lots of extra attention lately. But anyway, HAPPY 1st birthday, dear blog! (6th of August)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I'd like some nyponsoppa, please

Me and my friend K went grocery-shopping today and I hunted for tasty things to brighten up my breakfasts. And I had someting special in mind, but the elusive nyponsoppa was impossible to find. Seems like this Swedish treat is not indigenous to the Norwegian supermarkets. Too bad. So next time I get any visitors from the home country I'll ask them to bring some. And those tiny little almond macaroon-thingies too. Nom nom

Monday, 15 August 2011

A fusiform furry friend

To be honest, today I've had a pretty lousy day. But luckily, I know a reliable trick to put a smile on my face:

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Jæren art

Me and K drove all the way out to Jæren today to visit the old vicarage in Hå and see an art exhibition she had heard good stuff about.

The old vicerage

Beili Liu, "Recall"

Beili Liu,

Kumi Machida

Kumi Machida


And of course there had to be some "fika"

We wondered what this pretty girl had done to deserve this cruel jewellery

Over at the light house there were more artworks...

Obrestad lighthouse

The poem/video-installation "what if"by Lemn Sissay: "Let. Me. Get. This. Right: What if we got it wrong?" It was a strong piece.

Cool video-installation / photo-art by Antti Laitinen, "my island"

Saturday, 13 August 2011

on the roof

Yesterday was Friday and we were invited to a party. But before we could go to there we had to go and have a short swim, because the weather was great and the sea looked so tempting.

It was one of those parties with a theme: Hawaiian-shirt and colourful socks-theme. I translated "socks" to "tights" and wore them with a dress I bough in Madrid.

Unfortunately I've managed to hurt my back somehow so I made this a pretty short night and took a cab home at ten. But before that I had time to enjoy nice company, great tapas and a lovely view over the city.