Tuesday, 27 September 2011

if I could speak the language of rabbits, they would be amazed and I would be their king

Today I've had a crappy day. But talking to my best friend L for a while just now made me feel better.
And then I found my friend A (not to be confused with my other A - happens all the time...) online on Facebook and asked him to find something that would lighten up my mood, he's usually good at that. He came up with this song, the book How to live safely in a science fictional universe (now on its way to my mailbox) and YouTube clips from this show. (which I have high hopes for since I adore Stephen Fry.) Thank you A!
Now I'm waiting for A (the first one, I mean the regular one) to come back home so we can eat frozen pizza and watch "Supernatural". It's nice to have lovely people around (even if it's far away in the physical sense) to brighten up this day!

Monday, 26 September 2011

dancing with myself

This video and song combination is pure exquisiteness! I'm thinking that hairdo might be my next one... YouTube is telling me that the clip is taken from "Vivre sa vie" by Jean Luc Godard, and she is Anna Karina.

what to do?

I bought these two curtains on a sale this week, and my plan is to sew something out of them, preferably some piece of clothing... but I don't know what... Anyone got any ideas?

Sunday, 25 September 2011

the new look

well, as you can see I've got a new header. I thought it was time for one a bit more season-apropriate and updated. So this is the result!

the Norwegification

It's slowly creeping on, the Norwegification. I've now lived here for over two years, and I can feel it now, the longing for long walks in the mountains, the yearning after cold nights in a tent, the hunger for wet hikes and exhausting kayak tours. It's been a long time since I did something out-doorsy now, today for example has mostly been spent with A in the couch watching episode after episode of one of my favourite TV-series (Supernatural), so now the desire for fresh air and weather is particularly strong.
The Norwegification also manifests in a physical way. Here's what I look like after a trip to Sandnes yesterday, where I made use of a gift-certificate I got from my job before summer... (and no - I do not see this is cheating on my shopping-limitations...) Now I'm all set for tough weather and rough terrain - bring it on!

fancy-pants by Fjällräven, garishly green shirt by Haglöf

and a Black Dimond 50 litres Back pack - soooo pretty!

"ut på tur, aldrig sur!"

sunday morning music

Saturday, 24 September 2011

september from the phone

Me and A discovered the loveliness that is toast with melted chévre, honey and balsamico dressing

sometimes the view from our living room was this pretty

and sometimes the view from the living-room sofa was this. Blogging and watching Big bang Theory

I gave the balcony an early autumn make-over

and one of my colleagues looked forward to the weekend

some days walking to work was quite a wet experience

and sometimes it felt really good

I found this sign sort of depressing
and this dress very uplifting. But I did not buy it...

but I bought a lot of groceries

and I've thrifted a binocular case that I'm going to use a s a purse

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

"come in, you look positively orange with loneliness"

Quote from "Big Bang Theory". What colour is loneliness? So, from that sort of sad question taken from a hilarious context on to something sort sad too. But good. This is a nice song:


Work experiments:
No 1: no coffee at work for two weeks, maybe I'll get less stressed?
No 2: working more with my left hand to unburden my right one - it hurts!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

a ball of brilliance

Today I got a little package in my mailbox. That in itself is a bit strange, since it's Sunday, but anyway. Inside the envelope I found a little silver box with a bow, and inside the box was an orb covered with bling-bling! This is made by the absolutely amazing Karin at Karins Konstgrepp, and it was even prettier than I had hoped for! The lenght is perfect too, very usable.

I think this will be one of those things that I'll put on with a smile in the morning and then feel a bit sad when I have to take it off for bed in the evening. Happy-happy!

fall manifesto

A couple of weeks ago I replaced my summer wardrobe with my fall/winter one. I know, it's too early!! But not only did this remind me that colder times are awaiting, it suddenly became very obvious that I have too much clothes. I got a bit embarrassed when I found bag after bag with clothes I had forgotten about tucked away under the bed. So this is what I'm going to do:

- sort out what I don't want any more and give away
- make a list of 5 items that I "need" for this fall and early winter
- limit my clothing-purchases to these 5 items starting today, and ending 3 months from now on the 12th of December
- the 5 items should be well thought through and of good quality
- start using what I actually got, and mix and match better

The reason I'm posting this here is obviously so it will be harder to bale out of this commitment.... And here's the list of my 5 "can-buys":

- warm winter boots
- a pretty coat
- the perfect cardigan
- brown low shoes
- matching set of woolly hat and gloves

Just to not take the fun out of life entirely I'm also allowed to splurge on ONE extra item, whatever it might be, during these 3 months.  But otherwise, no dresses, no skirts.... Wow, I'm already getting cold feet. But think of all the stuff I can do for the money I now spend on heaps and heaps of cheap clothing:

- weekend-trips with loved ones
- going out for dinner with good friends
- spa-treatments!
- art / illustrations made by f.ex  talented bloggers
- fresh flowers
- art supplies and second-hand furniture to make over
- luxurious breakfasts at home

Friday, 9 September 2011

Don't mess with the Honey Badger

This is how to get a good start of the weekend! Stolen from Katta Kvack. But mom, there's snakes in this video. The rest of you, enjoy!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I spent most of yesterday evening playing with water-colours in front of the TV. I have always felt water-colours are really dificult, but it's fun mixing it with ink. I need some more practice but I'm thinking that maybe my next header can be along the lines of something like these experiments.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I want: good shoes

To be honest, I'm not very talented when it comes to buying shoes. This doesn't mean that I have a lack of foot-wear,  it's actually rather the opposite, the problem is that I'm bad at buying practical, long lasting and comfortable shoes. Most of the time I spontaneously buy a pair just because it's cheap and because it almost looks like what I actually want. This has resulted in the fact that I can spend valuable minutes choosing shoes on my way out, staring at the ones I got and not really liking any of them. I know this is a luxury problem, but it has got me thinking about planning my purchases a bit more. Since I have a 30 minutes walk to work and rain isn't uncommon here a pair of sensible shoes is something I need now when autumn is knocking on the door. I want something that can resist a bit of rain and that will look good with a skirt or dress. Here are a couple I've been looking at:

Dee, from Vagabond

Grace, from Vagabond

Leslie, from Vagabond
Kenna Short Boot, from Pieces

Sunday, 4 September 2011

schools out

Working really have its perks, and working as an architect has the advantage that things actually get built after you have decided how they should be, and then you can say to your friends in a offhand way "yeah, I did that". Unfortunately the realisation of drawings actually take some time, and since I have not worked for that many years (ca 3) those words have not really come from my mouth that many times... yet. Anyway, as I said, working really has its benefits, but I loved studying. It suits me perfectly. And going trough some pictures on one of my photo backup CD's I found some from my fourth year of my Architect-studies. Since I have a policy of not displaying pictures of people (unless I ask first) I'm not posting my favourite ones- the ones with the fabulous people I studied with. I miss them very much.

the surprisingly un-inspiring architects-building
language course for the exchange students (and ourselves) on the blackboard in our studio
my lamp at my desk, with the "fika-scehule"
The atrium, students projects on display.
fashion-show with outfits that describe the genius loci of selected places in Göteborg

one of many temporary art installations

rått og råde - day 3

I had bought tickets for the whole three days of the festival, but I skipped the Friday's entertainments to stay home in the couch and have a Discovery Channel marathon with A instead. But yesterday I met up with some people to see among others Veronica Maggio and Kaizers Orchestra. I'm a bit disappointed with the Maggio concert - she sounded good, but it was so short! Her plane had been delayed or something, but I think it was a bit annoying that she wasn't allowed to play a full program. Still, what she played was good. I also watched a couple of songs with Norwegian reggae artist Admiral P - sort of fun, and Jan Olav Nilsen og gjengen was OK. Pendulum put on a good show. Best this evening though was the start of the Kaizers show, awesome intro and extremely good atmosphere, you could tell that this was what people had been waiting for. I actually left before the show was over though, to not get stuck with 15.000 other people wanting to catch the bus, and then I met up with A and O in town for a beer.

Veronica Maggio

Portaloo - necessary evil

Kaizers Orchestra

Saturday, 3 September 2011

behind the curtains

A while back I wrote about the City-series from Åhlens and how I thought they might fit in nicely in our living-room. Turns out they did! After much thought I could not resist buying them (and one matching pillow for the couch). I got a bit annoyed when I found out that they were 40 cm too long - but hey, I'm not afraid of some spontaneous sewing!

I even made a little sleeping-bag for my phone with some of the left-over fabric. All is well that ends well. And I think the colours of these curtains works really well for autumn, while adding some urbanity to our otherwise kind of rural suroundings here at the island...

Friday, 2 September 2011

rått og råde review

Going to a music-festival on a week-day is a bit weird. Not bad weird, but weird. In the way that I got tired at nine and was not at all dressed for standing in mud for ours. But so was no one else! R&R facion this year: super short jeans-shorts, lace t-shirt and wedges. Anyway, the evening started out with amazing weather and happy people, you can't hope for more!


Anywho - over to the essential part of this post - the music!

First concert: Håkan Hellström


Wow, this was some serious nostaligia! I started listening to Håkan 12 years ago, as a teenager. Håkan came on stage dressed in a black see-through t-shirt and a top hat with a feather, very stylish. And he was as charming, energetic and enthusiastic as when I saw him at Liseberg 10 years ago. Too bad the audience wasn't really all that big and did not shout and sing along as much as he deserved, plus he seemed to have some microphone issues. He came back for two extra numbers, amongst them Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg which was the best song in this show, along with Kom igen Lena. Classics. Made me happy.

Second consert: 50 cent


No, I did not really pay much attention to this one, just hanging around in the outskirts of the ever growing sea of people. Not my cup of tea. And my feet were starting to get cold. 50's side kick totally shouted him down with all of the "put your hands up" and "yo! yo!". But it's really nice to see all of the kids that were there with their parents. Family friendly! This tiny little girl standing next to me while waiting for the ever lasting sound check to end starts jumping up and down and screaming "fifty, fifty!" as soon as a sound technician enters the stage. Cute.

Third concert - Robyn

(Well, actually I watched about 3 minutes of a Kelis show as well, she was good)
This was the show I had the highest expectations on this evening. She so inspiring. She has such impressive style and dances like a maniac! And the songs are awesome! It was great! Terrific! See how I loose every sense of eloquence while describing the concert? Unfortunately I discovered that I'm not all that good at being part of a audience - all of the annoying people shoving me this way and that, waving around cigarettes and plastic glasses brimful of beer above my head (yes I'm short) made me push myself out of the prime location in the middle of the crowd just in front of the scene - before the concert even started. Turns out I could see even better from a distance... and the music was still splendid.