Wednesday, 30 November 2011

in my shoes

A couple of weeks back I went to Stockholm to hang out with M & S for the weekend. And I still have not written a post about it. I've been such a bad blogger lately. How sad for all the millions of people depending on my words each day...  Anyway, here's one of the things I bought for myself then! (And yes, the shopping-limitations I put up for myself a while back did not work out so great. OK, but not perfect...).

Cheap-ass shoes. They're lovely! So comfortable.

Monday, 21 November 2011

DIY: just another flowerpot

The other day I ran in to a flower-sale at my local super market. Honestly, it's at this store where I buy most of my plants, even though they quite often look a bit sad. But I'm not afraid of a challenge. Anyway, this time I bought - among a bunch of other stuff - an orange Marguerite complete with pot and all for the reasonable prise of 9.90 NOK.


The pot itself turned out to be pretty far away from what I usually go for when it comes to pots so I decided to give it a make-over. Enter the decoupage-glue. And all kinds of decorative textile-paper-stuff. Hard to chose.

Since I've noticed that I have a tendency to buy flowers in a pink or purple colour-scheme lately I went with the one to the right.

A generous coat of glue later, and this is the result. Easy-peasy. You can do anything with decoupage-glue. Anything!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

a Sunday

Now when A's finally back from 3 weeks away on a course I can go back to fully appreciate the weekends. This one we've spend mainly relaxing an catching up, he's been cooking and fixing our computer and  I've been complaining that three week is to long for him to be away. It's good that he's back.
Today we went looking at another house but we wont buy it - to much work with this one. It was pretty though, right by the harbour. Maybe the next one!
Now A's making lasagne, and I'm reading blogs. Soon we'll get back to our Matrix-marathon.
Happy sunday!

Friday, 11 November 2011


The computer is still not working properly... I'll see what i can do about it tomorrow, now I'm going to sleep - I'm so tired!

Monday, 7 November 2011

A non-post

Well, it seems like my computer and Blogger doesn't want to cooperate so I can't write all of the witty and beautiful post I had in mind today... I'm just blogging from my phone - in-between word feuds. Today I've bought pretty flowers - that I can't show pictures of - and I've been listening to Florence and the Machine - can't share any videos either... Anywho, it's been an ok day...

Thursday, 3 November 2011

a lot on my plate

Last Saturday my friend K and I went on a nice but rather unsuccessful flea-market tour. This was the only item I came home with. On the other hand it was really cheap (20 NOK) and how could I resist an ornamental plate with such architectural theme?


I have shown illustrations made by Nicoletta Ceccoli on this blog before, and she's still a big favourite. Her images are always filled with beauty and fantasy but at the same time they're sort of eery and uncomfortable. A while back I found this new case for my iPhone (I think the name of the store is Harry Camping) with a illustration by her, and I'm happy as a pig in mud. I smile every time I look at it.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


It's November and I think this might be the month I start missing having a cat the most. Long, dark evenings that are best spent indoors would definitely be better with a warm cat-body curled up in my lap. When I miss the people back in Sweden I can easily call, but Osiris' purring is actually way better IRL. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

today's special

song: Blue Jeans - Lana del Rey
colour: raspberry red
taste: Daim
book: Dresden Files, Summer Night (Jim Butcher)
weather: rain rain rain
occupation: work meetings
word: Trust
feeling: appreciated
goal: to not only eat candy for dinner