Tuesday, 13 November 2012


We've lived in the house for just above six months now and we've never used the fire-place! I guess it hasn't been all that important during the warmer months, but now I definitely feel like it's about time to inaugurate it. We came a bit closer to that when my friend, colleague and neighbour H surprised me with two  big bags of firewood after work yesterday! My fire-wood storage might be just a little bit unconventional, but I quite like it.


Today I gave an old print from Fretex (the Salvation Army) a new look with some markers. It's easy peasy and very convenient to re-make stuff that is already in a frame...

By the way. Working on this blog has become increasingly challenging as 1: I can only use my laptop and I don't have Photshop on it and 2: my camera has really been acting out since I dropped it on the asphalt in Groningen.  I'm actually holding some post about the house back until I can start taking good pictures again. And since good lighting conditions are rare at this time of year good pictures are hard to some by. Well well, we'll see.

Thursday, 8 November 2012


I was planing to do some ironing today but the ironing board was occupied.