Thursday, 31 January 2013


I bought this fabulous necklace because it reminds me of a project I'm working on at work. It's from iluxo by Mariko. Found it on Etsy.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

the cats are alright

You didn't think I'd let a whole week pass without a funny cat picture, did you now? Not the best quality but come one, look at their little faces! It's hilarious!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

this year


A bit in in january and I finally got around to order a new wall-calendar! Actually I've ordered two, one for the office and one for the kitchen, but only one had arrived yet. I ordered this one from an Etsy-shop, Bird Told Me. I love the illustrations in this one, they're beautiful!

Monday, 28 January 2013


Yesterday A and I saw Django Unchained. It was great! Long, but great. And I like how Christoph Waltz got to play a - sort of - likeable character after the role in Inglorious basterds. Actually I kind of liked him in that movie too. Anyway, go see it, if you don't mind copious amounts of people getting shot and blood all over the place.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

come on spring, I'm waiting!

I took a stroll in our garden the other day. Or, to be honest, I took a couple of long strides in our backyard, because if you take a couple more than a couple you'll end up at our neighbours, but anyway. I took good look at the tiny area that I have to work with to create our urban oasis and I just can't wait for it to get a little bit warmer! I have big plans! Or at least mediums sized, you know, considering the space... We have already spend one summer in this house, but we didn't really focus on the outside part of it then, so I pretty much replanted some of the stuff I had on the old balcony plus randomly buying some pretty plants just to do something. This year I'm going to get seriously organised though... here's a list of some of the outside-projects for the coming months:
  • paint the concrete part of the wall/fence to our neighbour
  • paint the fence
  • build a deck
  • construct some sort of pergola or rail to hide the compost
  • plant a large rose to climb on the wall next to the mailbox
  • rearrange the garden patch
  • create a hanging garden on the fence
Oh, I can't wait! But I have to, since it's cold and snowy outside. As we all await these exciting times, here's the state of the garden as of today.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Dancing On My Own

Since it's Saturday night I felt it's appropriate to play some music on the blog. And Robyn is always a good choise if you want to get in party-mode. Personally I'm spending this Saturday evening sitting with my laptop and two cats on the bed, drinking a beer. Not exactly party princess no 1, but that's fine. Actually I'm in a quite celebratory mood since we now have a woring waching machine and dishwasher, so the atmosphere in the nest is pretty festive, I assure you! 

The immense cuteness of cats

Friday, 25 January 2013


My friend K came over yesterday to hang out and play with the cats and I decided that this visit should include cake. I don't bake very often but I found an inspiring recipe from here via Pinterest that I felt like trying out: Coconut Banana Bread.

I had most ingredients at home, but I exchanged brown sugar with white sugar and some maple syrup plus the orange juice with apple juice. I think next time I'll ad some more fluids to make it a bit more fluffy and not so bread-like, but I really enjoyed the taste. I recommend!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Status update: the new cat

So, it's been four days since Hugo moved in with us. He's still just allowed to be in the bedroom because he's tiny and even though the same attribute might be applied to our house it's a huge new world for him. He seems to enjoy exploring what he can though, and I have to look for him in the closet all the time, even though he's not allowed in there.
Cricket wasn't overly enthused with our new family member to begin with. She hissed and growled as soon as she saw him for the first three days and only today has things started to settle down. They're not best friends yet, but I'm still hopeful. The point with getting another cat to begin with was to keep Cricket company so just having them living in separate part of the house would be pointless.


It feels like I'm never going to get around to actually showing my house here at magpies's nest. None of the pictures I've taken lately have been up to par so I keep on procrastinating... But until then, here are some of my favourite details in our home right now, as seen from my phone:

News in the bedroom - Muuto-hook and curtain from Åhlens

The world and books, next to the fireplace.

Greenery in the kitchen.

Wood and white storage in the bedroom, the big one from Bolia, the small ones from Systrene Grene.

Painting of Göteborg and a home grown avocado-tree

Another bird and my favourite bowl.

White, green and blue in the living-room

And the smell of spring on the windowsill


Remember this package A got in the mail? This is what was in it! Batman earrings! Hihihi!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Thursday, 17 January 2013


Remeber that I won this? And I has taken me forever to post about it here, even though it's been on my wall since november. Next to some of my absolute favourites, like Sandra Dieckmann and Malin Ahlin this piece of art from Karin fits perfectly. Too bad the pictures doesn't make it justice, lighting in that corner is a bit tricky.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

another good start

The first song I heard on the radio this morning while getting ready was this one. I don't think there are many songs that are better to wake up to! And are they not a happy looking group? I got truely inspired. The only drawback was that my hair decided to get inspired by these boys too today. Oh well.

Pretty kitty

There are some big changes afoot in the Magpies' Nest! Our lovely little lady will no longer be the only feline in the house. This upcoming weekend our family will expand with yet on furry friend!



Why not spend lunch-time dreaming of travels to come and vacations to take? I found new place mats at the Åhlens' sale and couldn't resist the urban pattern and my favourite colour-scheme. Good that E & T will come over for dinner (?) on Thursday so I can take them into use!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Good start

My New Years resolution about coming up with a better morning routine has gotten off to a pretty good start if I may say so myself, and I may. Instead of setting the alarm to 6 am and then snooze for 1,5 hours it has changed into setting the alarm to 6 am and actually waking up.
This is what I had for breakfast today, in front of a full Gilmore Girls episode. OJ, yoghurt with almonds and honey plus a cup of detox-tea. I kid you not, my friends!

red head

A couple of weeks ago I coloured my hair red - or red-ish - and I promised my friend L to let her see how it turned out: tadaa!
I'm still not a 100% satisfied with the shade, but I'm getting there. Plus now when my bangs are finally grown almost all the way out I'm naturally considering cutting them off again.
Here's my current hair-inspiration-board on pinterest. Check out that Beautiful chick to the right. Lovely!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Faust and Galette des rois

This weekend in crappy iPhone pictures (stille not BFFs with my Nikon...)

I tried to watch Faust on Friday night. Very festive, I know! I couldn't finish it though. Way too boring.
We went to our friends C & K's house on Saturday to play "A ticket to ride". We also got Galette des rois, a traditional French cake that you eat in January, since C is French.

On Sunday we woke up in a very cold house, so we started the day with a fire.

Saturday, 12 January 2013


  As a part of my new-years resolution I've decided to start to cook more. Since I eat by myself most weekdays and definitely don't like spending time in front of the stove I've ended up eating cookies and candy for dinner a few times to many the last few months, so I figured it was time for a change. And did I start off ambitiously or what?! I found two soup recipes on-line that sounded tasty and where some of the ingredients where the same so I could be effective and double-chop so to speak. I changed the recipes a bit as I went, so this is what I ended up with:

Soup 1 - Thai inspired chicken-soup
1 large chicken filet
1/2 red chilli
1 tbs fresh ginger
4 dl water
chicken stock, 2 cubes
400 ml coconut milk
some lime-juice

How to: Fry the chicken with ginger and chilli.  Boil the water with a stock cube. Add cocnutmilk and add lime juice. Add the chicken.
Result: The cocnut milk curdled a bit, and I think I added a bit too much water, but the taste was good!

Soup 2 - Spicy sweet-potato soup
800 g sweet-potato
400 ml coconut milk
4 dl water with chicken stock, 2 cubes
1/2 red chilli
1 tbs fresh ginger

How to: Dice the sweet potato and put in the oven for 20 min on 200 degrees. (Celsius!!!) Boil the coconut milk and add the stock. Add the sweet potato and use one of those hand-held mixer-thingys to make it smooth. Add water until the consistency is as you'd like it.
Result: really creamy and good! Nice level of spicyness

Friday, 11 January 2013


There was a tiny package in the mail today, and I'm really curious about it. Unfortunately it's addressed to mr A. I'm pretty sure it's a belated Christmas gift for me but I have to wait until he gets home tonight. Frustrating!

To do in 2013

We bought the house almost a year ago. We renovated in April and moved in in May. We bought the washer and dish washer in June. They're still not plugged in... haven't used them... Today a contractor will come and look - again - and hopefully this will get done in a not so distant future... Luckily I have a lot of clothes! And two households within a 10 minutes walk where I'm allowed to bring my dirty laundry whenever I want. Thank you T, E&B! I love you guys!


Today I'm going to provide a service for all of you my dear readers out there. Some consumer research, if you will. I found these two exciting beverages when I went to explore the new "International Food-market" in our neighbourhood with E & T earlier this week, and here's my verdict after some highly scientific testing:

pomegranate juice. A bit sour, interesting taste. Pure and natural! Surprisingly it made me think of lingonberry... I give it a 3/5.

it says "zitronensaft" on the bottle, on top of a picture of limes... either way, this was, by far, the most sour drink I've ever tried. Couldn't finish it. I tried to figure out if I was supposed to dilute it with water but it didn't seem like it. Would probably work fine in a cocktail! 1/5

Thursday, 10 January 2013

App App and Away!

I didn't come up with any concrete New Years-resolutions this year, other than the standard I'm-going-to-get-better-at-everything kind of deal that I usually go for. That does of course include exercising more (or at all), eating food instead of candy for dinner and not to sleep in as much. You know. My dear A always mock me this time of the year since I tend to live up to my new plans for a couple of weeks and then slowly go back to normal. I do however stick to the opinion that what I'm doing is sound, since if I didn't set up high goals I would just continue getting more and more bad habits. Instead now I think I end up at pretty much the same level at the end of every year.
What makes this year so unlike all others (bear with me) is that I found new strategies. I'm taking the advantage of technology in the form of a couple of apps I've downloaded to my phone, and that so far have helped keeping me on the right track! Here are some of them, that I recommend:
  • "Wake up Light" that I connect to my new sunrise-alarmclock (Philips Wake up Light) makes waking up so much nicer, with lights, music and no concern that the phone has been discharged over night 
  • "Closet" where I keep pretty much my whole closet organised and can plan outfits. I know. It's crazy. But surprisingly useful and time saving in the mornings
  • I do a little bit of exercise each morning coached by "Sworkit Pro". I admit I sometimes cheat but it's better than nothing
  • in "OurGroceries me and A synchonice our shopping lists, which help in those moments in the store where I just want to buy lollipops and pizza
Cricket inspecting the new Wake Up Light that gets me up in the mornings

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Back in business

First day back at work after the holidays went well but now I'm back in the couch pretending that I'm still on vacation. This time I'm doing that by watching episodes from the first season of Gilmore Girls and eating leftover lasagne with a cat in my lap. Goooood times. But after having spent a lot of the holiday watching the latest season of Supernatural I'm getting a little confused: Jared Padalecki as boyfriend-material or monster-killer? As in most cases I guess I have to opt for the monster-killer.

Btw: remembering what other tv-series/movies that actors in tv-series/movies I'm watching has played in is one of my superpowers. Remembering their actually names isn't one though.

One day

Here's one of my favourite songs/videos from last year. Maybe it's a bit weird to start off a new year with such a mellancollic tune, but I think it serves as a pretty good reminder that it's important to live life to the fullest - a good theme for any year if you ask me.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

And thank you for the old one! I'm back in Norway after a short but effective trip to Sweden, and tomorrow it's back to work.
I've completely neglected this blog due to computer and camera trouble, and yes, a bit of lacking inspiration and motivation I must say. But as we now are getting our home-office in order I think things might be looking brighter for the Magpies' Nest for 2013.